This is the text message I received from Reece at 6:28 this morning:

Emma Love was born this morning at 5:49. 8lbs7oz, 21 in. With red hair.

She doesn’t really have red hair.  There might be some tint in it, but Emma Love’s hair is dark.  Amanda, Milly and I went to see the new addition to the Johnson family after Amanda got home from work, stopping off to pick up some smoothies for them on the way.  They’re all doing well.  Stephanie’s labor was, I believe, about four hours.  She was already getting up out of the bed and moving around.

Milly, as usual with small babies, was mostly disinterested.  She did cast a flirty smile at Reece though, and she spent most of our visit in the bed chatting at Steph.

Side note, just because it’s cute.  On the way to the hospital Milly was sitting in her car seat laughing at, I don’t know, herself I guess, then she said, “I funny gurl.”  It was hilarious.

Work was work.  I had another chat with Scott tonight.  He was just kind of letting me know where things stand right now.  There were some things he said that made me feel like a valued asset of the company.

Karen, as she does pretty much every Monday, came to take care of Milly today.  They met Michael for lunch then Karen brought her back here for a nap.  After Milly was down Karen went back out and bought some new clothes for her.  She also bought a bin for Amanda to pack away all of the clothes Milly has outgrown.  She said she had a hard time picking out clothes for Milly to wear because there’s so much stuff she’s outgrown mixed in with her clothes.  I feel the same way.  Amanda’s been saying she’s going to sort it all out at some point, but this will probably get her moving on it.

Karen also got Milly some Play-Doh and made a bird, a shark, a fish, a starfish, a caterpillar, a bunny named Dolly and a butterfly out of it.  Milly has only played with Play-Doh in Grow Zone at church before today, which I know because sometimes she comes home with some embedded in the tread of her shoes.  Anyway, she had a lot of fun with it.

She sang a good bit of the Goodbye Song when before she had to mash all her little buddies back into their can.

Zach Dotsey