Amanda and I finally got around to watching the premiere of Terra Nova tonight.  I’m certainly intrigued by it as the idea behind it is something I used to daydream about: going back in time to restart humanity.  Just, why is it that a good guy in a position of power can’t just be a good guy?  Other than that, the only issue I had in watching it was all the commercial breaks.  We were watching it on Primetime On Demand, but fast forwarding was disabled, so a two hour premiere actually did take us two hours to watch.

Milly was entertaining today.  This morning she was working on a piece of waffle, but she wanted some of my Raisin Bran, which she surprisingly liked so I gave her a little bowl of her own.  She was sitting there at her table, eating, when she said quietly, “I love you so much,” which is something I say to her often.  Thing is, I couldn’t tell if she was talking to me or to the piece of waffle she was dipping in her cereal milk.

I was upstairs, about to head out to a meeting when Amanda got Milly up from her nap.  She had obviously pooped, and when she came out of from behind the door she said, “It stink!  It my poop?”

While I was gone Amanda said that Milly told her EJ from Days of Our Lives was pretty.  Then later this evening she kept going into and coming out of the hall closet and telling us she was going to work.  Then shortly before bed she decided she wanted to brush Mommy’s hair, but she did it by pulling a little strand of hair then sawing it with the brush.  It was hard to tell if Amanda was laughing or crying in pain, so Amanda told her both “Don’t laugh” and “It’s okay, Mommy.”

Twice today Milly saw different pictures of Amanda and me and said, “That’s Mommy and Reece.”  To her credit, Milly’s never seen me with hair as short as it was in those pictures.

This isn’t new, but I don’t think I’ve mentioned it before.  Sometimes when Milly is going to bed she’ll hold onto the edge of her bed and hop up and down like mad.  We probably shouldn’t let her do it, but the fervor with which she does it makes it so cute.

I started on a business plan tonight.  Can’t hurt.

Zach Dotsey