Sometimes you can tell when not a whole lot happened around me in a particular day by looking at the picture associated with a post.  Today, for example, we have a picture of Hugh Laurie’s Dr. Gregory House in prison.  Why?  Well, Amanda and I watched the season premiere of House in which he is in prison.  Aside from small group, not much else went on today, and I didn’t take any pictures of anything today.  Thus, a picture of House in prison.

Steve Jobs did die.  Maybe I should have put a big picture of him.  Everyone knew he was sick, but it seemed to happen pretty fast.

And that reminds me of something I could post about.  Some of my friends make me laugh pretty hard on Facebook when there’s a lot of talk about something in the news.  For example, Amanda was scrolling through Facebook and saw all these statuses about Steve Jobs (he had a bit to do with Apple, in case any future readers don’t know) dying: “Steve Jobs just died,” “RIP Steve Jobs,” that sort of thing.  Tucked away in the middle of it all is a post by Jason Revill: “That sound? Hipsters wailing.”

Here’s another one.  Amanda Knox is an American who was studying in Italy when she was imprisoned (in Italy) for the murder of her roommate, Meredith Kurcher, which happened in 2007.  There’s been a big outcry about how circumstantial and, some would say, absurd it was to have Amanda Knox on trial.  So after years of being imprisoned in an Italian jail she was acquitted yesterday.  Mia Kay’s take on it?  “Did anyone else notice Amanda Knox’s scrunchie?”

“Hold on just a second,” you say.  “Back up a few paragraphs.  Is that really Hugh Laurie as Dr. Gregory House in prison in today’s featured image?”  No, I decided to change it to Steve Jobs after all, but I didn’t want to go back and change anything I wrote.

So, there wasn’t anything in particular or all that different that she did, but Milly was very sweet and fun this morning.  She’s just growing up so fast.  She let Amanda put her hair back today, which is the first time she’s let it stay back in quite a while.  She has such a sweet face.  The two of them went to the park with Jenny and Hudson for a while this afternoon.

Milly was very sweet when people started arriving for small group.  Jared and Ashley got here first (with a “pizza” dip that was just outstandingly awesome).  Milly climbed into the chair next to Ashley and started telling her things, like about her picture on the calendar and names and colors and numbers and such.  Then David and Jamie got here and Milly went to go play with Jamie, having her run around with her and showing her things in her play kitchen.  Then Simon and Monique got here and it was time to draw on the chalkboard with Monique for a minute until she went back to running around with Jamie.

We’ve decided that we should probably still have Kirsten babysit Milly even when small group is over at our house.  Milly wasn’t bad or anything, but she was distracting and kept wanting to me watch Veggie Tales with her.  She went to bed peacefully though.

There were other distractions too.  We kept Bruce and Harvey outside so they wouldn’t be all up in everybody’s business like they tend to be, but Bruce kept whining and scratching at the door.  Cobb kept trying to get in cabinets.

Distractions aside, this was a return to doing an actual study.  Amanda thought we should rewind a couple chapters from where we left off in Crazy Love, so we redid the study on chapter four, which is a real feel-good bit of work.  (That’s sarcasm; it’s a pretty heavy gut check.)  It didn’t take too long for the new couples to start talking and opening up, so I think it went pretty well.

Zach Dotsey