Amanda took Milly to get some wings today.  The original plan, inspired by Eric Carle’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar was to buy some wings and have Milly decorate them for use in a Halloween costume.  Amanda couldn’t find any wings suitable to the task, so Milly’s just got some regular wings now that will end up being part of a butterfly or fairy costume.

Milly was wearing the wings when the two of them came back from shopping.  Amanda said Milly was calling them fly, and that’s the word she was saying when I opened the door for her so I picked her up and flew her around the room with her wings on.  She enjoyed that, of course.

Also of course, Amanda and I are both of the belief that Milly will need new wings before Halloween.  Good thing they’re cheap.

Amanda and I went to an advocate’s meeting at Port City Community Church this evening while Kirsten came over to watch Milly.  We saw Seth Holloman’s parents, Richard and Julia, and talked to them a bit before it started.  They ended up joining us for the discussion portion of the night.  It’s really cool how much people will open up and share in a setting like that.  I’ve never talked to Julia all that much before, and about 95% of all my conversations with Richard had been Duke related in one way or another.

After we got home we watched the usual Thursday night lineup then Amanda headed off to bed.

Zach Dotsey