Milly was knocking on her door at exactly 8:00’this morning.  I got up with her to let Amanda sleep a little and we ate cereal in the office while watching the episode of Yo Gabba Gabba with Jack Black.  Amanda was up in time to hear Milly sing her rendition Goodbye, complete with inflections, changes in pitch and different voices for different characters.

I spent the next four hours outside.  I started off mowing, which seemed to go pretty quick.  Then I swept the driveway and walkway.  Amanda helped me pull up the grass in the front walk.  That looks so much better now.

Amanda and Milly went for a short walk after that, then Amanda worked on sorting out all the clothes that are too small for Milly.  Milly herself went back and forth between playing upstairs and helping create a little retaining wall made of bricks for the small shed, which was my next project.  You can never swing the door all the way open because dirt piles up outside it, so I scraped away a bit of it and created a little square area that lets it open as much as I want without any bother.  Milly wanted to help with the shoveling, then when she saw me stacking the bricks next to each other she said something about making a train.

When that was done I decided to go around our privacy fence and put some nails in loose boards.  Milly wanted to help me with that too, but it was obviously not a good idea to let her swing a hammer around.  She had been playing with s spray bottle, so I found loose planks and had her spray them for me, which kept her interested for a little bit.  When she got bored she took a nail and was scratching in the ground with it.  I figured she couldn’t do too much damage that way.  I did let her hit a couple nails that I had almost all the way in already.

She went inside to take a nap before I finished all of that.  When she got up we all took a walk to the store.  Blake and Stephanie Konny were coming over and insisted on making dinner, so we were providing a dessert.  We couldn’t decide between Rice Krispie Treats and Puppy Chow, so we got stuff to make both.  Amanda decided to just do the Puppy Chow though, and Milly helped her with that by shaking the bag with powdered sugar in it to mix it up.

I have felt like playing some video games lately, but I’ve been denying myself in order to try to make some more money.  I decided today that I’d spend some time playing Mass Effect 2, so that’s what I did in between other things.  I kept going back to play it, but I feel like I didn’t get to play more than an hour or so all together.

Blake and Stephanie got here around 6:00.  Milly was expecting Stephanie Johnson and said something about Jacob when they got here.  We told her it was another Stephanie, so Milly kept calling her ‘Nother Stephanie, even when she was thanking Jesus for stuff before she went to bed.

Blake and Stephanie are due to have their first kid in about a month, so they (well, mainly Steph) asked lots of questions about parenting and birthing and all that.  I hope they found our feedback useful.

Milly, who didn’t nap much, was a little fussy during dinner, but afterwards she invited me and Blake to watch Veggie Tales on the iPad with her on the kitchen floor.  After she went to bed we played Ticket to Ride.  I warned them that I’d won the game, which Amanda’s brother Michael also has, all but once, and that one time I got second place.  (I’m pretty sure about that but, Michael, if you read this and I’m wrong, let me know.)  Not to brag, but I did end up winning by a pretty good margin.

After they took off Amanda and I watched American Horror Story on the DVR.  I thought it was pretty good, but if I’m going to be subjected to multiple butt shots I’d rather it be Tammy Taylor’s (that was Connie Britton’s character’s name on Friday Night Lights, which I have a hard time separating her from) instead of Dylan McDermott.

Zach Dotsey