Yesterday Milly thought the freckles on my nose were ants.  Today she thought my perpetual stubble was a mass of ants.  If she thinks my face is constantly crawling with ants it’s amazing she ever touches me at all.

Karen came to watch Milly today, as she does most Mondays since she retired.  She brought breakfast when she got here, lunch when she came back from taking Milly to Toys R Us and dinner when she decided to go out to get us some smoothies.  On top of all that she brought a box of Krispy Kremes and got Milly a unicorn toy that Amanda decided to name Sparkle because it’s covered in sparkles that are getting all over everything.  She said Milly really wanted it.  Anyway, my point is that it’s hard to beat a babysitter who drives about an hour to your house then buys all your food for the day.  Karen, I know you read this, so thanks again.

I think that unless we’re watching a movie as a family we’re going to institute a “no TV after 7:00 for Milly” rule.  It didn’t last long, but she had a little outburst when she couldn’t have the iPad to watch Veggie Tales this evening.  Amanda played with her elephant blocks and read her Amelia Bedelia, which happied her up.  She also read Good Night, Gorilla to her.  Milly hadn’t been read that one in a long time and wanted to read it back to us herself when Amanda was done.  Half the pages don’t have words so we make up stuff like, “They’re going to the house,” and “Oh no, the gorilla’s in the bed!”  Milly ad libbed about like we did.

We watched How I Met Your Mother after Milly went to bed and Amanda’s watching Sing-Off right now.  When I finished this I’ll get back to work on a business plan.

Zach Dotsey