A History of Milly’s Hair From Birth to Six-and-One-Half Years of Age

Milly was born with a good head of hair and she never lost any of it, as some babies do.  The first time any pair of scissors ever touched it was when she developed this sort of handlebar at the back of her head.  It was longer than the rest of the hair around it and sort of stuck out, so Amanda cut it.  She was maybe a year old at that point.

Milly’s hair continued to grow and grow.  Scissors didn’t touch her hair again until last year when we were visiting the Sawyer clan in Gastonia.  Auntie Run had talked to me about giving Milly a small trim, just to cut off the dead split ends and whatnot.  They were getting pretty bad, so I let her and Andra (Auntdra to Milly) have at.  It was hardly noticeable.


Back in September, Milly started talking about getting a real haircut.  She wanted to go about shoulder length, “like Zoey or Bridget.”  Amanda had a haircut scheduled and told Milly she’d take her to get one then.  Milly was pumped up about getting a new do.  When I picked her up after her haircut though, I was surprised to not be surprised.  It wasn’t really appreciably shorter.  It definitely looked better having the ends cut and having it shaped up a bit, but it was still very long.  I guess Amanda decided to play it safe and make sure Milly really wanted to go with a more drastic cut.  It looked good, but I had geared myself up for something much shorter.

Now, don’t get me wrong; I’m a fan of long hair.  I mean, I don’t have a huge preference one way or another, but I’d say I lean toward liking long hair.  I like Tristen’s hair long and, while I wouldn’t ever try to control what she does with it, I don’t think I’d like it as much if it were really short.  (Not that she’d cut it short anyway; she likes it long too.)

But after Milly had herself all psyched up for a big haircut, I was a little surprised it was still so long.  She kept talking about it afterwards, about wanting it shorter and all.  I told her that if it was still long in the summer (when I have her more), I’d take her to get a haircut.  (Though I’d have discussed it with Amanda first, of course.)  One contributing factor Milly admitted to was the 45 minutes Tristen had to spend getting a big mess of tangles out of her hair last weekend, but she had still been wanting to get a shorter cut anyway.

Well, Amanda texted me a couple days ago and said she had a haircut planned and that Milly wanted to get hers cut shorter.  This time it actually happened.

I thought I might have some mixed, bittersweet feelings about Milly cutting her hair.  I mean, if you think about it like an archaeologist, the longer the hair, the more history there is there.  That hair was there when she was born (that may or may not be entirely scientifically accurate, but still), and it contained the memory of all the things, little and big, good and bad, that she has been through in her life.  I’m also a person who tends to be overly sentimental.

When I went to pick her up and I saw it though, I was very happy for her.  The haircut is light and fun, and she won’t have to worry about any more 45 minute brush sessions to get a rat’s nest out of her head.  As so many people noted, she looked older now.  My baby is growing up.  She’s not a baby anymore though, and she’s turning from a little girl into a girl, and I love and am excited about the intelligent, funny, loving girl she’s turning into.