There’s a park within easy walking distance to the house that Milly and I went to once or twice this past summer.  The weather has been nice lately (and cold; it seems to go back and forth every other day or so) and Milly wanted to go to the park, so to the park we went (after homework).

We were there for a while.  Milly led me on a pirate adventure.  Other pirates had stolen her treasure so we had to go around and get it back.  We had all kinds of routes to choose from, each with different challenges.

Tristen swung by on the way home.  She showed Milly how to swing together in one swing facing each other, which Milly really enjoyed.  When they started doing it, Milly said to Tristen, “Let’s get high!”  We thought it was pretty funny.

There’s a metal something-or-other on my jean pockets though, so when I did that with Milly it actually kind of hurt, as it was digging the metal into my hip.

I expect we’ll be going to the park a lot this summer.