Milly’s school had a Donuts with Dads night.  It’s a way to get dads to come to school and learn about the WatchDOGS program.  I already volunteer once a month, so I was just there to get some extra time with Milly.  And doughnuts.

On the subject of doughnuts, when we got there the only kind they had left was plain glazed, even though I saw people eating other kinds.  I mean, they were Krispy Kreme, so they were good anyway, but my favorite is chocolate-covered cream-filled.  I wanted more than one, so I let Milly get a second one, too.  But then I saw that in the last box they opened they had a few specialties and I couldn’t help but get a, you guessed it, chocolate-covered cream-filled one.  I wouldn’t have let Milly get a third one, but now that they had something besides plain glazed, I felt it wouldn’t be fair not to.  So she did.

And she ratted me out!  When I dropped her off at Amanda’s and was getting back in the car, the two of them near the door to the house, I heard Amanda say, laughing, “Three?!  Well, I’ll let you call your dad when you’re up at two in the morning.”

Milly and I sat with her friend Julianna.  We all got index cards where we were supposed to ask our kids questions, write down our guesses and see how we did.  I can’t remember all the questions, but here’s what I do remember:

  • If you had a superpower, what would you want it to be?  Flying
  • What’s the most amazing place you’ve ever been?  Disney World
  • What are you afraid of?  I really wasn’t sure what to go with on this one.  Milly’s answer was tornadoes.  Probably not coincidentally, the weather is expected to be bad tomorrow with some possible tornadoes. [We didn’t get any tornadoes, but several touched down in North Carolina and Virginia and several people were killed.]
  • How would you describe your dad to your friends?  Milly’s answer: Big.  

While the talk about WatchDOGS was being given, most kids drew on the back of their index cards.  I drew a sketch of Milly and Julianna then, at their request, one of me.  I did not, however, do a sketch of Julianna’s dad, a guy I’d never met before.  I thought that might be a little weird.

The guy across the table from us admired the picture and I talked to him a bit.  He’s a professional artist.

Before we went to Donuts with Dads we had gone to Craig and Laura’s.  We were going to do family dinner, but Milly and I had to leave too early.  They had tacos.  I went back there after I dropped Milly off at Amanda’s, but everyone was done and Tristen was super tired, so I basically just went there to pick her up.  She did pack me some leftovers though.  [I ate them the next day for lunch.  They were particularly good tacos.]