This is my view most mornings.  It’s the view out the back room, known as “the Woods” for it’s extensive wood paneling.  We have a treadmill in there.

Now, I’m not a huge fan of being on a treadmill in and of itself.  It’s boring.  I’d much prefer to go for a jog around the neighborhood.  The problem with that is that my right knee isn’t a fan of it after a little while.  I could go for walks, but I want to get in more work than that allows, plus rainy weather puts me off and gets me out of the habit.  I could do a P90X video or something, but while I love the results, I tend to do them for a little while then fall out of the habit when I don’t have time to do them a few mornings in a row.

So I figured out a trick with the treadmill.  I pick am hour-long show on Netflix and I watch an episode every morning while I’m on the treadmill.  Since running hurts my knee after a little while whether I’m on a sidewalk or a treadmill, I set the include to ten and go 4-4.5 miles per hour, bumping it up for short jogs now and then.  As of yesterday I added in some arm exercises with some weights.

I’ve worked my way through a number of series on Netflix this way.  I watched Gotham, Narcos and Bloodline this way.  I just finished all the current seasons of House of Cards yesterday.  I feel like there might have been a couple other shows too that I can’t think of right now.

It’s always a bit of a to-do once I’ve finished a series.  What do I watch next?  I’d do Daredevil, but Tristen and I watched the first season together, so I don’t want to watch that without her.  I did already find my next show though.

I’ve wanted to watch AMC’s Turn: Washington’s Spies since I first saw commercials for it a few years ago.  The latest season just started, so it’s been on my mind even more.  Lo and behold, as I was looking through things to watch on Netflix, that one came up pretty quickly.  So as soon as I finish writing this, I’m off to fast-walk about 3.5 miles.

After that comes my favorite part: the smoothie.  Every morning I blend up an apple, a banana, vanilla yogurt and peanut butter with a little bit of some liquid (usually either coconut milk or orange juice), a little bit of ice and a few healthy powders.  I actually ran out of peanut butter and bananas yesterday and didn’t go to get any more, so I guess today’s concoction will mainly be apple pulp.

Alright, enough typing.  Off I go.