A Day of Sickness and Terrible Nappage

Don’t let the picture here fool you- the last day has been a little rough.

Last night we switched the boys from their sleepsuits to pajamas, mainly because Phoenix has been getting out of his, and Fawkes has gotten an arm out a few times. I don’t know if that was the reason last night was a bit of a reversion or what, but I went into their room five times before it was time for their late night feeding. (I was messing with this site while Tristen was sleeping. Had I been working, she’d have been the one going in more often than not.)

They woke up a few times after the feeding, too, though not until about 4:30. By 5:30 they were both pretty well awake and were both in our bed before 6:30.

All that wasn’t really so bad, but Tristen was feeling very ill this morning. I asked if she needed to call out and even offered to drive her to work, but she went in anyway. Of course, she was back home around 9:30 and spent most of the day in our room resting.

Right before Tristen got home, Milly and I were playing a game she invented called Pony Squares. She set up a bunch of My Little Ponies on tiles in the kitchen. Each player had to take a turn placing a foot on a square, but it couldn’t be one a pony was touching and it couldn’t be adjacent to one your foot or another player’s foot was on. (Diagonal is okay though.) If you broke one of those rules the other person got an extra turn and could put their foot on any square regardless of the rules for that turn. You win if the other person puts their foot on a pony square three times.

Despite there being a lot of ponies, some of them touching more than one square, it was pretty hard to win because, well, it wasn’t very hard to avoid pony squares. It was kind of fun though. I kept trying to back Milly into corners and once tripped her because of my foot placement. It was kind of like Twister that way.

She asked how I liked it and I told her honestly that it was kind of fun, but I’d personally have liked it better if there was a more defined objective to the game, like getting to the other side of the kitchen and back or something.

Fawkes and Phoenix were terrible nappers throughout the day. There’s not much more to be said about that. Tristen helped out around lunchtime when I was trying to get something done on a time crunch, but as awful as she was feeling, I was trying not to depend on her at all. Still, I’m glad she was able to help out some.

The boys were also pretty needy, not being content to play in their seats or swings or with toys on the floor. For the most part they wanted to be held or to have someone hanging out with them. It doesn’t sound like much I suppose, but I had some things I was really trying to get done, and it was very frustrating when they would only sleep consistently for about half an hour.

Both boys did get to take individual naps with their mom, which was nice for them and very cute to behold. When they got really fussy and wouldn’t calm down from anything I did to try to get them to go back to sleep, she came and got whichever was fussing during that particular naptime and got them to all asleep with her.

Milly spent a good portion of the day with her the Swains, who live catty-corner from Torrie. She headed over there around 5:00. Tristen finally got the boys to sleep a little before that, so we let them nap a bit then headed over around 6 for spaghetti dinner. Tristen was feeling weak, but a bit better.

Torrie told us of a conversation she had with Milly that went something like this. Milly was telling Torrie about a game on her iPad when Torrie told Milly she wished she had time to play games. Milly looked at her and asked, “What do you do? Like, do you check emails?” (Obviously got that one from listening to and watching her dad.) Torrie was suddenly flustered trying to explain to this nine-year-old that she cooks, takes care of things around the house, cleans at the hotel… that’s she’s a busy homemaker. It was funny the way Torrie told it.

Milly was watching Mary and the Witch’s Flower, which Torrie and Johnny had playing a few days ago. I had thought at the time that Milly would enjoy that movie, and she was indeed into it while she was finishing her spaghetti.

Sebastian was singing all kinds of songs, including ABC and Bingo, although he apparently didn’t know the parts where you take a letter out each time you sing it. He really liked that and tried to do it too, but it came out like, “I-I-N-G-O.” He was also singing the Russian alphabet, which is picked up online or something.

Bash has been going to summer classes at Friends School, and he’s been doing really well there. He’s enjoying the learning, particularly stuff with numbers, and Torrie said he’s socializing well.

I think at some point each grown-up (me, Tristen, Torrie, and Johnny) was feeding one of Fawkes or Phoenix.

We got home right around 7 and put the boys to bed. Milly was sitting in her room drawing when I asked if she wanted to watch a Face Off, which of course she did. I dozed towards the end of it, but I saw the creations and saw who went home. In this episode they had to create dryads based on different trees from around the world, but honestly none of them really blew me away.

Tristen went to bed right after that went off. Milly snuggled with me for a minute and we ended up watching and commenting on the photos on the Firestick’s screensaver before I put her to bed.

Having been up and moving around, I decided I could stay up a little bit longer, so I’m writing this then doing some work.