Changing Amanda’s Diaper

Amanda asked me this morning as she was leaving for work if I remembered trying to change her diaper last night.  Apparently, in my sleep, I checked to see if she had wet her diaper and Amanda asked what I was doing.  I told her something like I was taking care of Milly or changing Milly’s diaper, something like that.  She said that Milly was in the other room.  Apparently I was patting her back too, or something. I’m not as upset as one would think I’d be, given that I just witnessed Duke’s first loss of the season, the first time they lost in the ACC-Big Ten Challenge and the first time the Big Ten has won the ACC-Big …

Tarantula vs. Banana Spider

I had two unrelated but odd dreams last night.  In the first one there was a really large, thick banana spider in a forest, and there was an equally large tarantula in its web.  They fought, and the tarantula wound up eating the banana spider.  It was kind of horrific, seeing two spiders that large going at each other. That somehow morphed into an episode of Robin Hood where Robin hid the Crown Jewels of England (though it was really only a few pieces of jewelry) in the woods in a little thicket where the tarantula was.  He didn’t hide them very well, so apparently he figured the tarantula would take care of whoever went after them. In the other …

Jerry Dotsey, Ruler of the World

I had a dream last night that my dad, Jerry Dotsey, became ruler of the world.  I think he started off good, but then he became cruel and, for some reason, told me that I had to kill my dog, Harvey, by chopping his head in half and if I didn’t do it I would be put to death myself.  Maybe this somehow came from seeing two dogs run out into the road yesterday and almost get hit by a minivan. I woke up or turned the dream off before I made a choice.

Rooming with Banks-Kramer

I dreamed last night or this morning that  Iwas roommates with someone who was a cross between Chris Banks, a friend and roommate in college, and Kramer from Seinfeld.  We were having an argument and I was gathering up my Legos (huh?) to move out.  I was going to move to Wilmington, but, in a reconciliatory tone, he asked why I would want to move there.  We lived in a very small, kind of older house on the beach in Fort Lauderdale.  Right outside of our place was a thoroughfare pretty heavily trafficked by beach goers, and across this small street was a white sandy beach.  I think I ended up staying.

Showers and Preemies

I had several dreams last night, most of the vaguely disturbing as I seem to recall, but I only remember one very well.  Actually, I remember a snippet of one that came before it.  In it, there was a place, seems like it used to be a fire station or something, and in the large, open garage there was a steel staircase that lead to a walkway against one wall and on that walkway (for some reason) was a shower.  People would go there to shower, like after going to the beach (but naked), though I don’t recall the place being at the beach.  It was all pretty open, but it was generally accepted that you go there, do your …