Who to blame?

The president or the illegal aliens?  Hold that thought, I’ll come back to it. I met Amanda for lunch at the Chick-Fil-A across from the mall.  It reminded me how much I hate driving through Wilmington during key traffic hours.  One great advantage to working from home is that it affords me the luxury of forgetting that.

Mother’s Day ’06, and Happy Birthday, Phil

Last night I was very tired and went to bed while Amanda was brushing her teeth.  She asked if I was going to brush my teeth, to which I responded that I was too tired, but if I got up during the night I’d brush my teeth then.  Bruce was barking around 12:30, so after I let him out (where he continued to bark, presumably at some people leaving some house down the road) I brushed my teeth. I woke up this morning at 6:15.  Normally when I wake up, whatever time it is, if I’m getting up for a purpose I just get up and am ready to go.  This morning I had that dizzy sort of grogginess, which …

Saturday Super Paint Day

For the record, that title is supposed to be reminiscent of Saturday morning cartoon blocks from back in the day, which don’t seem to be the same now as they once were. As the title implies, we painted today.  A lot.  We woke up around 9 or 9:30, got up a little later and  Amanda went to get more paint while I started to finish the Green Grandma Room.  I finished the trim on two of the four walls when Amanda got home with bagels from Dunkin Donuts, paint and a little rectangular tool with small wheels on one side made for doing trim.  That thing rocked; best $3 investment I’ve ever seen.

Our Place: Friday with the Frazelles

I got caught up pretty well at work today. We had a lot of requests for WebDAV hosting accounts towards the end of the day. I didn’t really take much of a lunch at all. That’ll probably happen a lot more with Amanda not coming home to have lunch with me every day, or at least coming by and heading out to Andy’s or Manhattan Bagel. Kind of a shame; it was nice having lunch together.

The Green Room

In a brief IM chat with Mr. Brian Gibson, co-worker and former owner of this house, he mentioned reading this site. Nice to know all this typing is being looked at by at least one person. I feel like I was able to get very caught up with work today. I was extremely busy in the morning, on the phone a lot. One of our clients I think was annoyed at me because he kept calling and getting the voice mail.