Eight Months of Twinning

Fawkes and Phoenix have been with us for eight months now. Normally on these birthday posts I devote a bunch of time to writing about what the boys are doing these days, but I covered a lot of it a few days ago. I could add, though, that Phoenix is continuing to get better at¬†holding his bottle and both boys are doing a really good job pulling themselves up on things. This morning, Phoenix was on his knees holding himself up against a car seat. The other one was next to it, and he ended up moving from one to the other. I was watching him closely because he looked like he was going to reach out to the second …

Growing Families: An IVF Story

WECT TV6-WECT.com:News, weather & sports Wilmington, NC Tristen and I were interviewed recently about having undergone invitro fertilization by WECT, a local news station. We were pretty excited about seeing what they were able to do with our interview and really enjoyed watching it.