Pursuit of Happyness

Saturday morning, what Amanda said Met Trish for breakfast at IHOP, very little wait Wal-Mart Va Tech game Went to see Pursuit of Happyness with Allison and Mike Five Guys for dinner Back to our house then to Billy Supplee’s party Invited Adam to church Zach Dotsey .

The Plastic Coating on the End of a Shoestring

I ached a bit when I woke up this morning from pushing all the leaves in the backyard into what is now a still-smoldering pile of ashes.  Actually, it may have quit smoldering by now, but when I last checked late this morning, there was still some faint smoke coming from it.  Despite that, I willed myself into the regular 15 minutes on the elliptical. Work days have had a bit of a pattern of late.  Busy in the morning, slight lull in the afternoon, time-consuming phone call late in the day.  Not that I mind time-consuming phone calls, as they’re usually sales calls, but it’d be nice if people would call in time for me to get off the …