Our Place: Friday with the Frazelles

I got caught up pretty well at work today. We had a lot of requests for WebDAV hosting accounts towards the end of the day. I didn’t really take much of a lunch at all. That’ll probably happen a lot more with Amanda not coming home to have lunch with me every day, or at least coming by and heading out to Andy’s or Manhattan Bagel. Kind of a shame; it was nice having lunch together.

The Green Room

In a brief IM chat with Mr. Brian Gibson, co-worker and former owner of this house, he mentioned reading this site. Nice to know all this typing is being looked at by at least one person. I feel like I was able to get very caught up with work today. I was extremely busy in the morning, on the phone a lot. One of our clients I think was annoyed at me because he kept calling and getting the voice mail.

Getting back into the swing of things

Well, I was wrong. Chris went home, so there goes the last chance of North Carolinian representing yet again on American Idol. I was honestly pretty shocked and Amanda was mad that we hadn’t voted last night. The thinking is that Chris was such a favorite that people assumed he was fine and didn’t bother to vote. Also, Elliott’s been doing better and better lately, and he’s a bit of an underdog. He and Taylor were the top two. Katherine really should have been the one going home after the last couple weeks she’s had. Oh well. He’ll probably get a recording contract anyway. Jason will be happy; he didn’t like Chris.

Happy 26th Birthday, Little Wife

Yes, Amanda’s getting to be an old biddy as of today. I started off the day by going to the bank and making a small deposit then, at the same time, getting a cashier’s check for close to fifty times the amount I just put in, which was more money than I’ve ever spent in a single day (or probably in a single month for that matter)

We (almost) officially have a home

I was pretty behind with work today, and I was catching up pretty well but then… (insert sigh) what a day. A car alarm started going off across the street at about a quarter of six, fifteen minutes before Amanda was getting up. I became aware of it very slowly. I was having some sort of dream, and the alarm became the name “Dean” repeating itself: “Dean, Dean, Dean, Dean.” I somehow turned that into an episode of Supernatural where Dean was near death and Sam was trying to bring him back. Okay, at this point I guess I should be a little worried that I was dreaming of Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, but aren’t they just, well, dreamy?