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Michael Mercer’s 28th Birthday Party

Michael wanted to eat at Outback for his birthday, so we did.  We had a nice time there at our local Wilmington Outback Steakhouse.  Good food, good service.  It was a decent-sized group: me, Amanda and Milly; his parents, Karen and Phil; his grandparents Peggy and Earl Lemons; uncle/aunt/cousins Barry, Anna, Hannah and Kirsten Frazelle; then …

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Milly’s Morning Lights

When Amanda brought Milly downstairs this morning, the Christmas tree lights weren’t on.  Milly signed and said “more,” so Amanda plugged in the lights, eliciting a “Yay!” from Milly.  After that, she played with a couple of toys that she got last Christmas, a ball that has lights and sings and rolls itself and, mostly, …

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