Well, I’m not exactly sure where I am right now, somewhere over Mississippi on the way to Texas.  I was reading The Mists of Avalon that David gave to me yesterday but I got tired of it.  I’d probably be looking out the window right now but Adam’s over there with my headphone son listening to Poison Flesh & Blood in his sleep.

The sky looks nice.  We’re in the clouds- can’t hardly see the ground.  I just took the headphones off of Adam and he woke up.  I asked if he’d been sleeping and he said he didn’t know.  I’m not listening to the end of Something to Believe In.

The woman next to me just got up and went into the front for something..  She wrote her name in a book about our Outer Banks.  It’s Carol Taylor.  She looks 40ish, the neat and prim kind.

She’s back.  I don’t know wha tit is but there’s something I don’t like about her.  I don’t think she likes kids.

The pilot just announced that there was an American plane behind us on the right.  I didn’t see it.

We just went over the Red River.  It was brown.  And big.  We also just passed some Air Force base.

Adam had to go to the bathroom and wanted me to take him.  It was occupado.  So we went back and they were too but one was unlocked.  The stewardess told us that.  After a while she opened the locked one.  Just as the lady came out.  Another lady in the one across from it came out so I went too.

There’s a deformed baby on this plane.  I saw it in the lobby before we left.  Kris said it looked like Sloth in Goonies or the guy in Mask.

Now Adam’s writing in his log.

Zach Dotsey