Terms of Use

As a member, you have permission to read anything on this site, but there are restrictions on what you can and cannot share.

You May Share

  • Any content on publicly available pages or posts, so long as it is accompanied by a link to the page it is being copied from.
  • ONLY the title and link of any page or post that requires a membership to view.

You may share any non-member restricted content on the site as long as you include a link to that specific page.  You may not share any content on any pages restricted to members except the title of the article or blog entry and the link.

You May Not Share

  • The content of any page or post that requires membership to view, except for the title, the excerpt and/or the link to that particular page or post.
  • If you would like special permission to share something, contact me and ask.

To sum it up: If you can read it without needing to sign in, you an share it. If you need to have a membership in order to read it, don’t share anything you can’t see without having a membership.

TIP: If you’re not sure if the content you’re considering sharing is restricted or not, log out and see if you can still see it. If you can, you can share it. If you can’t, don’t share it.


  • Content: The text and image(s) contained in any page or post.
  • Sharing: Electronic or non-electronic copying and transmission of information. This includes but is not limited to Facebook, Twitter, emailing, writing by hand, electronically copying and pasting, reading aloud, showing content to someone else on a web browser (letting someone read over your shoulder).


If you violate the terms of use, accidentally or not, you agree to pay a $1000 compensation fee for each violation. This violation fee also applies to each instance of content shared as a result of your violation.

For example, if you share a member-restricted blog post to Facebook, you will pay $1000.  If three of your friends share the same content to their Facebook walls as well, you will pay an additional $3000.