Hi, I’m Zach Dotsey.
Welcome to my website.

You can find a scary amount of stuff about me on this site, starting below with my most recent blog entries. Most of it is just my day to day life. Am I so full of myself to think that many people want to read about me? No, but a surprising number of people do. I mainly do it because I wish I had something like to to read from my parents and grandparents.  I also enjoy writing.

Most of the content on this site is free to access.  You may notice that some of it is restricted to members and that I charge a hefty fee for it. Why is that? There are things I might want to write about from time to time that, while I don’t really care if people read it (I am putting it out there, after all), I might not want everyone in the world to read. That’s all. By all means, please sign up for a membership. I could use the extra money.

October 2019
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