I’ve been thinking lately how inconsistent I am at doing my blog posts, and I feel bad about it, especially because I have three small kids whose days I don’t document as I used to…

Hazel’s still adjusting to being in the neighborhood with a lot of people that walk around.

Anyway, I’m thinking maybe I’ll start doing video blog posts and maybe since that’s a little bit quicker, they’ll get more consistent about it. So anyway, let’s see what happened today.

Tristen let me sleep in as I got up with the kids yesterday, she got up with them today, made some breakfast Nutella pancakes and sausage; it’s really yummy. And she took the kids to Torrie’s so I could do some work and let’s see after that I got I got some pretty good progress made on a few of the sites I’m working on.

They they came back around two we went to a party at Blake and Leslie’s house and had a good time there. The boys really enjoyed playing with all of Beau’s toys. And then we came home.

I put this hammock together that our real estate agent, Heather O’Sullivan, got for us as a thank you gift. And am I allowed to say that? I’ll have to make sure that I can say that.

Anyway. I love hammocks and this is great. There’s the box from you putting it together. Hazel has been bringing a ball over for me to throw to her. Or throw away from her, to run after.

Um, something else was I going to say… Oh yeah! I haven’t really posted a lot of pictures of myself lately. So the beard is coming in. I didn’t totally decide to… I don’t like make a decision like, “Oh I’m going to grow a beard.” I’d let it go for a bit when I got my hair cut a few weeks ago, actually right before we moved here… I was like, “Eh, just gonna let it grow out a little bit. It’s been four weeks, somewhere thereabouts. I don’t know, I’m kind of getting tired of it. But at the same point, at the same time, I’ve kind of let it go for a little bit so… I don’t know. I’m not going get rid of it right now because it has been a little bit. It’d be a shame to, you know, waste all that effort. But at the same time it’s kind of scratchy. Well it’s not too scratchy. It’s kind of past that phase you have to keep trimming the mustache part of it. And it gets a little scraggly looking sometimes. I have to maintain it and, you know. It’s at the point now where when I eat or drink, sometimes I have to, you know, get stuff off of it. I don’t know, I haven’t decided. We’ll see.

But I’m just going to sit here and enjoy my new hammock for a little while.