Over the years, Milly’s had an issue withe her knees where one will just randomly buckle. Usually it hurts for a minute then she’s fine. It’s not a huge surprise as both of her parents have knee issues. Her mom’s most likely stems from a trampoline incident when she was younger, but who’s to say she wouldn’t have had issues anyway? Other people in her family do.

As for me, my knees started going kind of bad somewhere in my later mid-thirties. I used to go running pretty regularly (jogging anyway). I had a 5K route I figured out for myself. Well, after a while it wasn’t uncommon for me to get this feeling in one knee or another like there was a knife stuck behind my patella. Sometimes it would kick in after just a few minutes. I didn’t physically enjoy jogging, but I did kind of enjoy doing it. I miss being able to easily do it.

Anyway, back to Milly’s knees.

Last Saturday we all went to Long Leaf (formerly Hugh MacRae) Park. Shortly after we got there Milly was going after Phoenix and her knee buckled, but when it did she dropped and I guess banged it pretty bad. She wasn’t able to walk and spent the time sitting on a bench. It never got to feeling better and when we got home we took a look and it was swollen. I helped her to her bed, propped it up and iced it. It had swollen up a good bit. Her mom came by and dropped off some crutches that belonged to her boyfriend’s daughter, who is a friend of Milly’s. Even on the longest setting they were a bit too small though.

The next day showed no real improvement, so I took her to get it x-rayed. As we thought, there was nothing that showed up on the x-ray. Kirsten came by to hang out with Milly for a bit and she enjoyed that.

With the current schedule, Milly is in school on Mondays and Tuesdays, distant learning the rest of the week, but I determined on Monday morning that Milly wouldn’t be able to get around, especially not with having to carry around her book bag, so I took her back to her mom, who had told her employer she’d need to work from home for the day, that morning.

Milly got her knee checked out the next day by an orthopedic surgeon. Milly put up a red flag every time “surgeon” was mentioned and had to be reassured that it just meant doctor. Anyway, she’s getting an MRI next Thursday, which was the first available time aside from 9:00 on a Tuesday night.