Today was a chance to get back into our schedule. Tristen asked last night if I wanted to Rock Paper Scissor for who was going to get up with the kids, but I asked her if she wouldn’t mind since I’d be doing it Monday too, and she acquiesced without complaint. I woke up a little before 8:00 and was planning to go ahead and get up at 8, in part so she wouldn’t feel like her getting up was a waste (if she’d feel that way), so I messed with my phone a bit, caught up on the news, played a couple rounds of Clash Royale.

Tristen was getting breakfast ready. I took Erin home a little later then started catching up on work. I called my parents to tell them about our trip and my friend Jason called during that, so I called him back and chatted with him a little too.

Tristen and Torrie went to Target, although Fawkes, who hadn’t fallen asleep during his nap, was up before they left. Griffin got up a at 2:48 and I got Phoenix out of bed around 3:15. They kept out of trouble for the most part and let me keep working.

There was a lot of cute stuff too, though. Fawkes, Phoenix, and Griffin are all talking better and saying more every day. Fawkes pooped on the potty for the first time today, which was great, and he put a blanket around himself and said he was a bat. They’re all playing with toys now, with Fawkes and Phoenix using the imaginations a bit. Griffin likes to line toys up.

Duke and Carolina played tonight. They both suck this year. It’s the first time since 1960 that both teams have been unranked when they met. I wasn’t feeling optimistic, which turned out to be a warranted feeling as the Heels won 91-87. They’re one of the worst three point shooting teams in the ACC, and yet they shot 67% from three tonight. It doesn’t help that Duke turned the ball over something like the first three possessions and got down double digits in both halves before scrapping back and making it close. There were a lot of boneheaded plays, like Wendell Moore fouling far from the basket only down two points with about 50 seconds left in the game and going up for a layup but not shooting the ball, so he landed with it which, of course, is a travel. That happened at the very end. He’s getting a lot of flack, but it should also be pointed out though that he scored 15 points in pretty efficient play. What sucks about it is that Duke’s chances of missing the NCAA Tournament skyrocketed with the loss. If they do miss it, which I think they will at this point, it’ll be the first time since 1995.

The only positive about the game tonight was when Tristen let the boys come into the living room after dinner. Griffin likes to chant “Duke!” and Fawkes and Phoenix got into watching the game for a minute. Well, they liked sitting in the living room watching TV and getting excited when I’d get excited anyway. Fakes imitated me once when I stomped my foot and crossed my arms. I’m sure I angrily grunted too. But they all enjoyed cheering Duke and booing the Heels, for all the good any of that did. They got to hang out until halftime, which was their bedtime anyway.