Tristen was off Friday, and as a result my recollection of the whole weekend is skewed and I’m pretty tired anyway, having trouble concentrating on anything that happened more than about two hours ago. Bare with me; I’m probably going to mostly go stream of conscious here.

Picked Milly up from getting a haircut Saturday morning, took her to Sophie’s birthday party at The Melting Pot a little later.

Mom and Dad came down Saturday evening after staying at Bald Head Island with some friends. Saw dolphins while kayaking.

They got the kids up the next day, Easter morning. They went to visit Erin and Daniel while we went to an Easter egg hunt at Torrie’s.

Had Fawkes and Phoenix in ponytails. Looked good.

Brunch at our place afterwards: us, Mom and Dad, Erin and Daniel, the Romeros, Craig, and Laura.