My babiest baby is two! It struck me the other day that Griffin is looking a little older. Slimming down some. He’s also talking really well and trying to do everything his brothers do.

Woke him up singing Happy Birthday. Fawkes and Phoenix joined in a little.

Had doughnuts for breakfast. I picked them and decorations and balloon up last night at Walmart along with some Avengers masks. The twins had been pretending we were all Halloween monsters after last night’s bath so I thought they would enjoy the dress-up.

A note on the Halloween monsters: I think they said Griffin was a wolf or a werewolf, I was a monster, Mommy was a witch, and they were both vampires, so I tied their towels around their necks as capes. It took a minute to tell that Fawkes was saying “vampire” though because it sounded like he was saying “butt pirate.” No joke.

Fawkes really liked these rescue vehicles that came with little people you could put in them that Griffin got as a present. He had a hard time understanding they were for Griffin’s birthday and kept wanting to keep them to himself.

Tristen and I had both woken up early. We spent some time packing last night and I took the first load over to the storage unit and I think just the stress of not being able to pack up everything just yet, but the need to get things moving, was weighing on us a bit.

Anyway, we were feeling pretty lazy so we got the boys to watch some movies with us for a bit.

I mowed the lawn during nap time. I was thinking it might be the last time I mow this lawn, but I might end up doing it once again before we leave. I think the lawn at the new house will be much quicker. Larger lot, but larger house footprint.

Erin was at the house by the time I got out of the shower. Amanda dropped Milly off on the way back from Hannah’s baby shower. She lost her last baby tooth on a Skittle. Milly, not Hannah or Amanda.

I grilled some hotdogs and burgers as Nonny, the Romeros, and the Lewises all arrived. It wasn’t a big to-do, but it was great to see everybody.

Griffin wouldn’t smash his smash cake, so eventually we let Fawkes and Phoenix get into it. They came creeping over with their hands kind of pulled up in front of them, looking like how cartoon characters creep. Nonny and Sebastian also got in on the cake.

I guess that will be the last real get-together at the house. I’m marking all kinds of lasts. I really do like a lot about this place and will miss it, although I am very excited to get into our new place.