I forgot to talk about the ants. On Monday morning I decided to get a bowl of cereal. I got one of the deep, blue bowls that I usually use for cereal (I use the plastic bowls for cereal because I’ve used plastic bowls for cereal since I was little) and poured the last of the Peanut Butter Toast Crunch into it. The bowl was very full because if I’d poured a normal bowl, there wouldn’t have been much left as a final bowl, so I just emptied it. I poured in the milk and noticed a tiny brown ant near the lip of the bowl. I flicked it out and figured it must have been in the bowl, so I tilt the bowl a bit, looking around the bowl to see if I can spot some more ants crawling around, which I don’t. So I turn the bowl around and start eating mouthfuls of the cereal (from the opposite side of the bowl the ant was on) and a minute or two later, while sitting on the couch, I notice another any on the edge of the bowl. So I flick that one out, but then I start getting worried. I take a good close look at the cereal.

Peanut Butter Toast Crunch (a derivative of Cinnamon Toast Crunch) is the type of cereal that has a lot of small grainy crumbs. Plus, any cereal, when you’re emptying out the last of it, will have all kinds of crumbs that have filtered down to the bottom of the box. Well, taking a close look at some of the “crumbs” I notice that some of them are actually drowned ants. I immediately got up and threw the rest of the cereal out (much to Bruce’s delight, so who ran outside and started eating up as much of it as he could). I started shuddering at the thought of all the ants I must have eaten and brushed my teeth vigorously.

It wasn’t really a big deal of course, and Scott pointed out that it was healthy for me. I mean, they were very small ants. I also realized after pulling the box out of the trash and looking in the bag that the ants had been in the cereal somehow. I checked the Crunch Berries, and that bag seemed to be clear, which made Amanda glad when I told her because she had eaten some of those for breakfast that morning.

I think the ants were light brown because they’d gotten a bunch of cereal dust on them.

So anyway.

Last night we watched My Name is Earl, which was quite good. The season premiere of The Office was really good too. After that we watched a new episode of Law & Order: SVU, which had Patrick Harris, the Terminator in T2, as a rapist. We DVRed House. Lost comes on tonight. I’ve been feeling sorry for every show in the 9:00 timeslot going up against it. I almost wonder why anybody’s bothering to put any other show up against it.

Lovely Rita flooded the Keys a little, but it’s now built up to a very strong Cat 4 and is heading somewhere around Galveston. Aunt Robbie took me and Erin to Galveston once. The water felt a bit oily, if I recall.

Gas prices will be going back up I’m sure, and just when they’d started coming back down. Amanda and I filled up with $2.78 a gallon yesterday.

I put some towels in the wash and after they dried, I put Bruce up in the dryer. He’s learned what opening the dryer door means- warm clothes to laze about in. He stayed in there for about half an hour before he indicated that he wanted out. Now he’s snuggled up against me, his head on my stomach with his paws on the laptop (making it a little difficult to type). He needs his claws clipped. There’s growing suspicion that Selena may be a boy-cat.