I can barely even call this Saturday as it’s only ten past, but I’ve always been a bit anal when it comes to time. I remember getting a calculator watch for Christmas when I was about eight or so, and I had to make sure it was set exactly to the minute (second if possible). And whenever someone would ask the time, I couldn’t say “quarter after twelve.” Oh no, I’d have to say “12:13.” I’m still pretty anal about some things, but I’m not as bad as I used to be at least.

This week’s been mostly uneventful. The highlight of the week was actually our small group meeting on Wednesday. Rob and Kristen got here first, then Paul and Kim then Ben and Jessica, who were delayed by a wreck on Shipyard just before 17th, so they had to go back around their asses to get here. We had a good time though. We all talked for a bit then we ate enchiladas. Amanda makes good enchiladas, and they got plenty of compliments.

It was kinda funny- we guys let the ladies get their food first, and they all settled around the coffee table in the living room. Not having much space, the rest of us ate at the table, and it stayed mostly like that the whole night- the women talking in the living room, the guys in the dining room. Like friggin junior high.

One of the couples, I think maybe Rob and Kristen, brought a key lime pie. It was pretty good. Paul and Kim brought the paper plates and plastic cups and utensils, which was great because I think we filled up a whole trash bag that night. Ben and Jessica brought drinks and chips with guacamole and salsa.

I think we all had a good time. I really can’t wait to get to know them all better. I think we mesh better than the last attempted group we had- just seem to be more on the same level. The only big difference is that all of these couples are moving into or getting ready to buy houses.

I had two clients come by the house this weekend. Melisa Gallison, a real estate agent, who actually got Scott his house, came to go over some finishing updates on her and her husbands’ sites. She’s a big pet person and she just adored Bruce. Then on Tuesday I had lunch with John Lowder. I like him and always had, although this was the first time I’d met him. He’s an older guy, although not nearly as old as I’d have guessed from phone calls and e-mails, but he’s got a very good wry sense of humor. On the way to a Mexican place down Carolina Beach Road, I mentioned that Amanda made good enchiladas. He asked where she was from that she learned to make good enchiladas, and he was gave me a little shit when I said Richlands. Anyway, after lunch he came into the house so I could see if I could fix a problem his laptop was having with its wireless connection. Like he did at first with Melisa, he barked a bunch at first but warmed up pretty quick. John’s a dog person too. Actually, Bruce did a lot better on Wednesday than I thought he’d have done too.

On Monday, Amanda had picked up all the stuff for the enchiladas and left the wraps on the chair next to the back door (in the kitchen). I noticed when I took Bruce out before going to bed that he was looking at the bag, but I figured it was weirding him out like just about everything else (cardboard tubes, two-liter bottles, boots on a chair, hats on doorknobs, clay turtles, you get the picture) sometimes does. Well, he got up constantly that night and the next morning Amanda discovered he’d gotten into the tortilla wraps and ruined a whole bag. He’d annoyed the crap out of me all that night getting up so much and not actually staying outside to pee or anything.

I was flipping around on the tv tonight, and with nothing else being on Friday night, I saw some wrestling and decided to watch it. Apparently it was the first episode of Raw back on USA, so I thought, since Vinnie Mac was out there showing classic clips of his run-ins with Stone Cold, I thought I’d heck it out. The show had a very classic (by which I mean late-90’s- the time I was into it) feel to it. I actually kind of enjoyed watching it. The show ended with the Smackdown wrestlers coming out to beat up on John Cena and Kurt Angle, and then the Raw guys came out to help them. I’ve always loved when they ended that way. There was a Thanksgiving episode of Smackdown that ended that way that it brought to mind, except they were also fighting in the midst of a Thanksgiving spread.