Rosario Dawson was right!

The power, as it often does in this oddly-wired house, tripped yesterday, and Amanda had reset the alarm and the clock in the bedroom, but one was set to AM and one to PM, so she happened to wake up an hour early. She still ended up leaving the house earlier than usual

I met with Iris, the office manager, at Barry’s office to go over a site redesign. She convinced me to make an appointment so I had enough time to go home, make/answer a few calls and do some e-mails before Amanda picked me up for lunch at Manhattan. I did about what I did before then went in to get my teeth cleaned.

I can’t remember the last time I went to see a dentist, but it was probably in my early college days, so I’d say at least four or five years. Throughout most of college up until maybe a month ago, I didn’t usually brush my teeth before going to bed (although I do now because it just makes you feel so fresh). I don’t floss. The hygienist, who was really nice, said my gums were very healthy and was surprised when I said I didn’t floss. I had a pretty bad tarter buildup in one spot but otherwise things were pretty okay. Barry came in for a minute or two and and also said I had good gums.

It’s funny almost, having someone you know pretty well holding your tongue and looking in your mouth. There was a feeling, to me anyway, of almost vulnerability, which may be one of the reasons I never made an appointment before. There’s also the fact that Anna and Barry have given us so much, I almost hate to take advantage of the family discount. (That’s the actual reason, for the record.)

Barry’s hygienist said my hair was getting talked about, that it was getting complimented. The only real problem is that my wisdom teeth haven’t even thought about coming out, so Barry suggested getting a consultation to see if they should come out or not.

My teeth are still sensitive. It’s like a little person was in my mouth, sitting there using my teeth as punching bags.

I stayed busy pretty much all night. We took some time to go eat at Buffalo Wild Wings, and I invited Scott and Anne Marie out. Scott said they’d need to get a babysitter and I told him to just bring Addie if he wanted. She was very entertaining. I had a hard time eating the chips Amanda ordered because of my teeth. It also seems they give you larger boneless wings if you’re eating in as opposed to ordering out.