Nothing new or big today except that I’ve been struggling with creating drop-down menus (I just never did much to learn that before) for a long time now in an attempt to finish up a design. I’ve watched all of Young Guns II then Young Guns I and now Young Guns II is on again on AMC.

Young Guns always makes me think back to being over at DJ Tunberg’s house. I watched Young Guns for the first time either with him or at his house, and possibly with Steve Ceci too. We’d play that we were different characters in the movie. We always wanted to be Chavez. He was cool and could handle knives. While looking for that picture, I found a few inaccuracies about Young Guns (of which I already knew there were many). For one, Jose Chavez y Chavez died much later than Billy the Kid. Not as romantic and poetic in the movie; he died in 1923. Nor was he quote as noble as he was in the movie, but that’s okay, we all wanted to be him when we were playing Young Guns.