I went to a small group leaders’ meeting at the church offices today. I was one of the first people there and it seemed like a lot of people already knew each other, so I felt a little out of place until a few people finally sat down at my table. One of them, a guy named Brian, leads a men’s small group on Friday mornings. I gave him my e-mail address. He also introduced me to the guy who does the video packages and website for Port City. We talked a bit before I headed back home to work.

Kristen got food poisoning early in the day and so obviously didn’t feel like meeting tonight. We ended up meeting the Ayars and the Lambeths at Two Guys Deli or Sandwich Shop or some other such for dinner. The meeting wasn’t half as constructive as the last one, but at least we got together. I also got to watch Duke annihilate Seton Hall, since there were a couple of plasma screen tvs on the walls airing the game. Duke held them to single digits for the majority of the first half.