I fell asleep on the couch last night, and Amanda was gracious enough to let me stay there for a while. I don’t know what it is, but I just have a hard time staying awake on Friday nights. Most other nights I can stay up ’til all hours of the night working, reading or playing video games, but not Fridays. Amanda’s theory is that I’m more relaxed, knowing I don’t have to do anything the next day. Works for me.

I think Amanda was watching some kind of Medical Marvels show or something, and I remember the last thing she was watching while I had any consciousness was Chicago. Cell Block Tango was coming on, and John C. Reilly had been talking to Richard Gere. Amanda told me she stayed up late enough to see the one where Renee Zellweger is a puppet before heading to bed. I remember her asking me if I wanted to come to bed or stay on the couch and I said I’d stay where I was (it’s so hard to make yourself move when you’re sleepy and comfortable) but I did ask her for a blanket, which she obligingly covered me with.

I’ve been working out of the spare room again lately, by the way. It’s a good thing too since, for the most part, the weather is staying cold now (although there was a day when we had to unplug the heater to plug the AC back in, and the very next day we had to unplug the AC and put the heater back on). Since the room is pretty small and has a door, it’s pretty easy to get heated up. I guess I’ll be working out of there a lot.

We did some Christmas shopping today, and I think we did pretty good. We got things for my mom, Erin, Andra, Aunt Reggie, Jackson (including a birthday present) and Josh. Add to that the fact that we’ve got one thing for Michael already and we’re not doing too bad just yet.

We’d gone to the mall and then some other places, then we wanted to go to Barnes & Noble, which is across town at Mayfaire. We were pulling up to the house when we decided this, and we had to get a coupon anyway, so Amanda went inside and brought Bruce out with her. Actually, she let him out by himself and he came right to the car when I opened the door and called him. When we got home though, laden with bags, he decided it’d be fun to run across the street and bark at the neighbors there, then come back over, pee on a bush then trot down the street and bark at a guy working on the house two doors down while hiding under the guy’s van. Then he went out to the road while a car was coming, which I flagged down and stopped, but by that time he was under another car. I let the other car through and coaxed him out from under the car, picked him up and carried him back up the road with all the other bags I had.

While at the mall we found some college hooded sweatshirts (with the kangaroo pocket!) on sale, so we got me a Duke one.

Tweeter still hasn’t moved. (Tweeter, by the way, is a dead bird near the sidewalk. I named it Tweeter and Amanda and I keep going on about what a lazy-ass bird he is.)

We watched the Duke game as they killed Davidson, winning by 29 points. It’s not the 53 they beat Seton Hall by, but it was respectable nonetheless.

After that I went to the Food Lion to pick up some ingredients for grilled cheese and soup, which we ate while catching up on our hours and hours of DVRed tv that we’re behind on.

Jessica called and talked to Amanda and told her that Ben was out of town and that she was a little creeped out staying by herself, so she came on over to spend the night. We were picking up a little already, so we finished that up by the time she got here. We finished watching a House and watched a CSI Miami, and now the girls are sleeping. I stayed up a little to do this and to wait on some laundry that’s in the dryer. Directing tomorrow morning.