We were watching Invasion on the DVR last night and I was falling asleep. Amanda had kept me up a lot during the night (which in an odd way was nice, because I got to take care of her) and I was tired all day, so it didn’t take me too long to nod off. Amanda convinced me to get in bed and fall asleep while watching Jack Frost (the Michael Keaton one). I didn’t last long at all. I was asleep before 8:00. Bruce woke us up by barking and running to the front door at exactly 10:00, and my paranoia kept me up for a little bit, but aside from that I slept right on until a couple minutes before 7:00, woke Amanda up before the alarm could go off, then fell asleep for a few more minutes. I had thought I’d only stay down for a few hours, but I was out.

I met with Scott today at the Port City Java by Henry’s to discuss a few ideas such as a new position we’ll offer to maybe a college intern and a few other things. Since we hadn’t gotten the Jetta back yet I took Amanda to work, so I picked her up for lunch (Manhattan Bagels) and let her have the car after work. She was completely swamped at work since most of the rent checks came in yesterday and, even more, today. She vowed never to miss another day of work.

I was too busy this afternoon to call the courtesy van to come pick me up. The driver of the courtesy van is a pretty affable guy. He remembered me from the last time we dropped the car off. The problem, by the way, is apparently something in the satellite part of the radio that keeps shorting out.