Work wasn’t nearly as busy as I had expected it to be. Maybe it’ll kick in next week. The good thing is that I was able to work some sales.

Adam came by. We had left a bag of Christmas gifts at home, and since he left after we did, he and Renee grabbed the bag and brought it back. He was at Renee’s when he called, so I asked if he’d pick up a new video card for me from Circuit City or Best Buy. Best Buy was right on the way and they had to stop by there to check up on getting a replacement for an MP3 player of Renee’s that had gotten messed up. Long story short, even though she had gotten a replacement plan, they didn’t have one in the same price range as what she’d bought and they were trying to replace it with a lesser product. After some hassle Renee got cash back and they were too upset by the whole deal to bother buying anything there. Circuit City price matched my ATI 9550 256MB video card anyway, and I’m glad he picked it up for me there instead.

After Adam go here I cut his hair and installed the card. I got it, by the way, not only because it’s been needing the upgrade, but specifically because Michael got me the game Fear, which wouldn’t run with what was built into the computer. Adam borrowed Civ4 from me and was on his way.

We went out to eat with Peggy and Earl at Buffalo Wild Wings tonight. They’re in town house sitting for Anna and Barry and watching Scout, their King Charles Spaniel.