Yes, Amanda’s getting to be an old biddy as of today.

I started off the day by going to the bank and making a small deposit then, at the same time, getting a cashier’s check for close to fifty times the amount I just put in, which was more money than I’ve ever spent in a single day (or probably in a single month for that matter) then went by the attorney’s office to drop that off, plus an extra fifth of that for the home insurance, which was written on a personal check. After that I went by the county offices and dropped off the info they needed to switch the water to our name at the new house.

Since all this was near Best Buy and it was almost exactly 10:00 at this point, I decided to celebrate Red Hot Chili Peppers Tuesday (as Barry would later call it) by picking up their new album, Stadium Arcadium. I haven’t gotten to listen to it in depth yet, but it seems to feature something a return to their funly origins. I like what I’ve heard so far.

And yes, I went to Best Buy. I walked in, grabbed the CD and walked right out (possibly becoming the first person to buy the new Chili Peppers CD in Wilmington, unless Circuit City or some other place opened earlier, but hey, I was literally driving right past the Beast). For all those keeping track out there, I still don’t like the company, but I’ve mostly moved beyond my bitterness. If what happened hadn’t happened, I’d probably still be working for them and lamenting the slow and agonizing death of my soul. So thank you, Best Buy (especially Mario at 821 in Raleigh and Matt, formerly in Wilmington and now in Jacksonville) for screwing me over. If you guys hadn’t done that, I wouldn’t have the job that I love so much now.

Anyway, and speaking of the job, after I got back in the car I called Scott and Josh for a conference call. The earphone for the cell is such a great thing. I drove over to the rental house with it in and was able to do a bit of work all the while. I just put the phone in my pocket and voila! Free hands.

At the house I cleaned up, took a few work calls, mopped and loaded a few more things into the car. I got everything except the nails and screws on the walls (forgot to bring the tools) and some food in the fridge. I did manage to get Cobb though. I tried to trick the cat into Bruce’s crate by leaving the door open and putting a piece of deli sliced turkey in it. I almost got him twice by slamming the door behind him, but he froze instead of jumping forward into the cage like I’d planned. I finally had to turn the crate with the door open and facing up, pick up the cat and put him at ease, then drop him in the crate and throw the door shut. That actually worked pretty well. He wasn’t happy, but it worked. I called Amanda to tell her about it and she could hear him making loud pitiful noises in the background. For a minute or two he kept turning around in tight circles trying to find a way out. He eventually settled down though, and he behaved on the ride to the new house.

I took him updstairs to the office, which is the room we’ll keep the kitty litter in (unless I have clients come by, which I don’t much plan on) and let him stay in the crate while I went to meet Amanda at Bear Rock for lunch. After lunch I went to Target to get her a duvet cover she really liked (she doesn’t read this, so I’m not worried about her knowing what I’m getting her for her birthday), but it was more expensive than I realized and, after this morning and owing to the fact that we’d decided to pay all of our bills before moving, we’re officially destitute. I could have bought it, but it’d have really put us well below an acceptable comfort level. I get paid tomorrow, and Amanda figured that being done with the house (and having it really, truly be officially ours) was a pretty good present in and of itself, so she said she could wait until tomorrow for a present.

I got to the house and was able to do a little work by the time Amanda got home. Shortly after that we headed over to Anna and Barry’s. I took the Chili Peppers CD in case Barry hadn’t gotten it yet, but that’s when he greeted us with “Happy Red Hot Chili Peppers Tuesday!” He’d picked up his copy after work and was had it turned on in the living room.

Dinner was nice. Anna cooked some great lasagna and had bread and salad with it. We also both had a glas of wine. Anna made some terrific brownies for dessert, which Amanda and I ate with ice cream. After all the food Amanda opened her present, which was a dress from Ann Taylor Loft, probably her favorite store.
Amanda’s cousin Hannah is, I think, taller than me now at the ripe old age of 16 (almost 17) and her sister, Kirsten, is now taller than Amanda, which means she’ll pass me in a year or two at the most.

The girls went to do homework and such while Amanda and I watched American Idol with Anna and Barry. My prediction is that Katherine will go home. She’s gorgeous, but she messed up on her first song and over-sang her second. She didn’t do too great on one of her songs last week either, so I think it’s time for her to go. Elliott did the best of the night, and Taylor and Chris did well as always. The theme of the night was Elvis songs. I think some of the performances were overshadowed by the fact that some of them were iconic Elvis songs and it was hard to listen to the singing without comparing it to the original.

We watched last week’s House when we got home. I nearly fell asleep towards the end. Things have just been so crazy and hectic lately.