Somehow I managed to make by browser go to the previous page, which wiped out everything I’d written so far. I HATE when that happens. I guess you should always save often, but I wasn’t writing all that much tonight and I was nearly finished. I mean, I was writing enough to make it a PITA to do again, but it wasn’t as much as I’ve been writing lately. Because of that though, and because this was a more uneventful day than some others, I’m truncating my daily exposition tonight.

I felt like I got quite a bit done at work today, but not nearly enough. On my way back from picking up my heck (a pretty decent one!) and going to the bank I stopped at the Burger King up the road. Depsite asking for one “with cheese and ketchup only” they gave me mustard. There wasn’t much, so I ate it anyway.

Now, you have to realize that not too long ago I’d have either scraped the hell out of the burger or I’d have taken it back. I decided to eat it and, lo and behold, I’m still alive. It wasn’t terrible, but I definitely prefer not to have mustard.

Mind you, were I still at the Burger King I would have taken it back.

Bruce was sitting around this afternoon when the phone rang.  Often, if a cell phone rings a few times it’ll upset him and he’ll start to howl.  This time though, as soon as it started to ring he let out a whimper so I grabbed the phone to answer it real quick, but he let out a blood-curdling screech as soon as I answered, “Venue Communications, this is Zach.”  Fortuantely it was Julie over at William Poole, a regular client.  The first thing she said was, “What was that?”  That lead to a short conversation about chihuahuas and how Bruce could be her chihuahua’s boyfriend.
As soon as Amanda got home we started working on the house. She painted a second coat in the kitchen which, even thought the put up a bunch of border tape, didn’t take her as long as it took me to finish getting the wallpaper off the downstairs bathroom walls.

The wallpaper in the bathrooms has two layers; a normal one and one to help keep moisture out. You have to pull the top layer off then spray down the second two or three times. (We got some water bottles from Lowes the other day- handy things to keep around.) Despite the tedium, I didn’t much mind it. I go it all down except for a little around the closet doors. I’m going to have to take them off to get the rest, and I figure I might as well wait until we’re about to paint since I’m going to have to pull out the washer and dryer for that anyway.

We watched House after we finished up and Amanda went on to bed. She was pretty exhausted from work. She’s having to learn quite a bit of new stuff now that Elisha’s gone.

Tomorrow I’m heading to Raleigh for Rob Sullivan’s wedding then coming right on back to go see X-Men 3. That’s the plan anyway.