So, Mike Nifong, the Durham district attorney who pushed forward the rape charges in the Duke lacrosse scandal, is coming under more and more fire as the case seems to have less and less ground. I was really surprised he was re-elected. Parts of Ohio were flooded today and I forgot to mention that the Carolina Hurricanes won the Stanley Cup a few days ago. Last time they were in the finals (and lost) I was living in Raleigh and it’s all anyone was talking about. Kids in neighborhoods were playing street hockey all the time. Here I only heard a bit about it now and then. I enjoy watching hockey if I’m there (I went to a few Greensboro Generals games back when I was in the ‘Boro), but I’m not too big on watching it on TV.

And that’s the news.

Work was good today. Projects are getting closer and closer to complete. My boss, Scott Hendrix, has implemented a number of new ways to help organize and remind us of things to do. One of the things I’ve always liked about working with Scott is that he sincerely listens to new ideas and suggestions.

Atlantic Dental Group Building :: Zach DotseyI went by Amanda’s uncle Barry Frazelle’s dental office to take a few group shots of all the employees and some formal pics of the doctors themselves. Last week when I went it was nasty outside, but today, though humid, had blue skies. I also took a few more pictures of the office building. After that I met Scott at the Bear Rock Cafe at Indepedence Mall. We went through a number of tickets and got some things in order. When we were done we had a little talk about how things were going, which I think is good. One of the programmers we use now and then, Tim Henrich, I think will be giving us more hours in the future, which will be a nice help.

As you may have noticed, I have a picture now, and it wasn’t a pain in the ass to upload. I mentioned something about the error I was getting to our head programmer, Josh Gitlin, who also manages the server my hosting account is on, and he fixed it right up for me. Thanks Josh!

After meeting with Scott I met Amanda at Lowes and we picked out some tile for the kitchen. Our friend, Paul Ayars, who happens to do tile work, is going to be putting it in for us, possibly as soon as the Monday after this, which is when we’ll be in Kentucky. That’ll be nice, because if he gets it all done while we’re gone, we’ll walk in to a brand new (looking) kitchen two weeks from yesterday.

I think that’d be a good name for a band; Two Weeks From Yesterday. There was another phrase I thought to myself earlier today that I thought would be a good band name. I’ll have to start keeping track of those.

While Amanda and I were at Lowes we got a call from our friend, Ben Lambeth, who had an interview today near our house. He had asked yesterday if we’d mind him coming by to shower after work so he could get cleaned up for it. He lives out in Hampstead, so it’d be a bit of a trip for him to go all the way there then back again, and of course we didn’t mind. Unfortunately though, we both forgot about that until he called. We told him where the key is hidden (it’s under the mat, for those of you who want to rob our house, and of course I’m not serious about that) and he was finished by the time we got home. We wished him luck with his interview, but there are two openings for the position he’s going for. One is here in Wilmington, the other is in Greensboro. We hang out with Ben and Jessica more than anybody else, so of course we’re hoping a) that he gets the job and b) that he gets the one here in Wilmington.

Speaking of moving, while I was hauling eight boxes of porcelain into the house, we saw the neighbors across the street loading up a van. We knew they were moving, but we thought it wasn’t until August. I guess they already found a place. And Chris never came over to play Halo.

Amanda and I ate leftover pizza for dinner then didn’t do any of the picking up or upstairs bathroom priming we were supposed to do. That was pretty much our night. I played with Mr. Cobblepott for a bit. He’s got this game Amanda started playing with him where, when he’s lying on the steps as he is wont to do, you throw a small ball up and he’ll pounce on it or, sometimes, swipe at it and catch it with his claws. Of course, sometimes he ignore it, whereat I start hitting him with the ball, often to no provocative avail.

We did our own things for a bit then watched reruns of My Name is Earl and The Office. The Office episode was the one with the booze cruise, where Pam and Roy set a wedding date. I think my favorite Michael moment is on that episode when, at the end, he’s an actual normal person to Jim, who confesses that he had a thing for Pam. It’s right up there for me with the Halloween episode where it shows how good Michael is towards the kids in his neighborhood after agonizing all day over who to fire, then firing someone for the wrong reasons. I mean, Steve Carell’s Michael is such a waste of a human being for the most part, but then he’s got these moments where he’s an actual good, caring person, and it’s that sort of touch, that balance that makes The Office so endearing. Man, that is such a great show.

Zach Dotsey