So there’s all this good stuff going on, which had me just generally looking at comic stuff on the web, when I come across the Marvel Database Strength Scale. Allowing me to geek out here for a minute, I think this scale is complete crap.

Look at the people listed as having less than average human strength. You’ve got kids and old people, then you’ve got ordinary people who have no reason to be in that classification.

Most of the people in the average strength category I have no problem with although several people in later categories are listed as having superhuman strength if aided by their powers, but there are people in the average category who they ignore this with, like Jean Grey and Nate Grey, both of whom are very powerful telekinetics.

Now look at the list of people with above average strength. The vast majority of them should be in the average category. Dazzler and Jubi-friggin’-lee? I’d go on, but most of the people they have listed there have powers having nothing at all to do with their physical strength.

Carnage vs. Venom ::Zach DotseyThe list goes on from there to classify people by the tonnage they can move. I can’t speak about all of the people on these lists, but Wolverine should be in the average category, and certainly not above Captain America. They’ve got Beast at 30 tons, Rogue at 50, Carnage stronger than Venom and Colossus is pretty far down the list. I don’t think he should be up there with the Hulk (who should be higher than he is) but possibly hovering somewhere just under the Thing.

The list is totally flawed. I don’t think the people who contributed to it had any idea how much a ton is and what someone lifting or in some way moving even ten tons would look like. This is the problem with wiki information; people are able to just put up whatever crap comes to mind and then all of the sudden there it is as a faulty reference to anyone who might come across it. This Marvel Database Strength Scale should at least have a disclaimer that most of the people who contributed to it are probably idiots.

Of course, here I’ve spent all this time typing about made up comic book people and how stupid people are for unrealistically rating their strength, so I guess I’m a bit of a tool myself. At least I’m secure in that knowledge.