I watched the NBA Draft tonight. Well, I watched the first eleven picks; enough to see where my Blue Devils, Shelden Williams (picked fifth) and JJ Redick (picked eleventh) were going. Atlanta Hawks and Orlando Magic, respectively, in case you were curious. As I’ve heard and read, the Hawks had Shelden in mind for quite a while now, and everybody says JJ will be a great addition for the Magic. Poor Sean Dockery hasn’t even been talked about. In fact, looking through all the people in the NBA Draft, there are a lot of familiar names that I haven’t heard mentioned in the hype leading up to tonight. Adam Morrison (picked third) is coming to join the Carolina Bobcats, which is pretty cool. Maybe I’ll actually start watching some NBA games next year.
Our small group didn’t meet tonight. Kristen Barriner and Rob Peterson are going out of town this weekend and just closed on their house, so they needed to get everything moved. Ben Lambeth had to be up at 2am to drive to Chapel Hill for work today. Paul Ayars was trying to find his wife, Kim, whom we assume was called in to work or something. Jessica Lambeth was still planning on coming, but Amanda told Ben that unless he and Jessica wanted to come by to just hang out, we’d scratch tonight. So we scratched it.

My brother, Adam Dotsey, came by. He bought himself a little MP3 player and came to see what he could find from my old stash. He and his girlfriend, Renee Sikes, left to go to Rougemont tonight, and they’re leaving to go to Kentucky from there. Originally they were going to ride with me and Amanda, citing the unreliability of Renee’s car. Renee decided she wanted to drive it regardless. My guess is that she wants to spend time with Adam before he heads out to San Diego and she goes off to Europe.

We’re still trying to figure out what exactly we are going to do about Bruce and the upcoming trip. I talked to Dad today, who said he’d talk to Uncle Steve about some of us staying out there, but that still doesn’t really solve our problem. The only thing I can think of that would make Baba ask us not to bring Bruce is my cousin Dank, but he’s two years older than he was when he was scared of Bruce, and Bernie and his kids probably won’t be around for more than one day. If that’s the case, we can just keep Bruce in the basement and out of the way while Dank is around, if he’s even still scared of our ten pound terror.

I painted most of the upstairs bathroom tonight. I got a late start because of the NBA Draft and only just finished up. (I started typing this almost exactly at midnight.) I still need to do about two-thirds of the trim. I let Amanda off the hook with helping me after we made a bargain, the details of which I think it would behoove me not to delve into.

So, yesterday Hamas told Israel they’d maybe start to recognize them. Then they kidnapped a young soldier and Israel threw that all out the window and cut off the Gaza’s power, flew airplanes really low to smash windows with sonic booms, arrested a bunch of key figures and all sorts of other things to put pressure on them.

I can’t remember if I actually typed this or not, but about a week ago an Iraqi insurgent group kidnapped some Russian diplomats. The coversation went something like this:

INSURGENTS: Hey Russia, check it out; we kidnapped some of your diplomats and killed one of them in the process!

RUSSIA: WTF, man? Remember when we were telling people not to invade your country? That’s completely not cool of you. We’re your friends, asswipe.

INSURGENTS: Look, you need to get out of Chechnya or we’re gonna do something bad.

RUSSIA: Chechnya?!? Don’t you have other things to worry about?

INSURGENTS: Yeah, whatever, dude. You’re, uhh… trampling on Muslims. Right, that’s why we’re doing this. You’re trampling on Muslims so, uh, here’s a big middle finger to your peace efforts.

CHECHNYA (hurriedly): Uh, hey. Just so you guys know, we got nothin’a do with them and we don’t want nothin’a to do with them.

That’s how it was left off. This is how it’s played out:

INSURGENTS: Hey, Russia. We just offed your diplomats.

RUSSIA: That’s not cool. That’s not at all cool.

With that, Russia let out a great “GRR!!!” That “GRR!!!” translated into, “We’re sending in Special Forces to hunt you down and kill you dead.” While doing so, they shot a middle finger, or two fingers, or whatever kind of non-verbal insult they do in Russia (although in reality they did it verbally) at us by saying something to the effect of, “You guys can’t handle your shit so we’re having to send in a clean up crew to look after our own.”

Ahh, fun with diplomacy.

Zach Dotsey