There’s really not much to tell about today. I worked, and after work Amanda got home with some spaghetti and meatballs which we ate for dinner. That was nice; we sat at the table and had a nice normal dinner. I cleaned up and we watched a little tv before I went upstairs to play with the computer. Amanda went to bed early-ish.

I did have a talk with Scott about my life goals. We were discussing the upcoming shift of responsibilities (which, as busy as I’ve been, I’m really looking forward to). I told him I wanted to have at least one kid by the time I’m 30 and that when we have kids, Amanda wants to become a stay at home mom. We won’t (well, she won’t) feel comfortable with that until I’m making enough money to offset what she earns, at least for the most part. So I have a certain amount I would like to average in bonuses each month, and with the new system, I don’t think it’s out of the realm of possibility. I think it was good for me to lay out what I’m trying to do. It gives Scott an idea of what my focus is and what I’d like to accomplish, personally.

Oh yeah, Karen Mercer, Amanda’s mom (my mother-in-law), called a little before 10:00 tonight to tell me that Taylor Ware, the Yodeler on America’s Got Talent, won tonight, or whatever getting the most votes does.  I had to turn it on to check out what all the calls I got last night were about.

I also started watching Stephen King’s Nightmares and Dreamscapes mini-series, but I was too tired to watch an hour long show.  I noticed that a lot of episodes of Firefly will be showing on the Sci-Fi Channel tomorrow, a Sci-Fi Channel Firefly marathon.  I’ve wanted to catch that show, so I set the DVR to record them.  I still haven’t started on this season’s Sopranos, so I’ve got a lot of DVR to catch up on.

Zach Dotsey