Amanda and I went to Port City Community Church as we do pretty much every Sunday at 8:30. I felt bad because there was a couple sitting in front of us in very ratty t-shirts, which isn’t a big deal, but they smelled, too. I mean they smelled like cigarettes and beer and body odor. Good for them for coming to church though, of course.

Amanda called Ben and Jessica Lambeth to see if they were coming today, but they weren’t going to be going until later, because Ben’s mom and aunt were leaving this morning. He did, however, remind me of an e-mail Mike Paschal had sent on Friday, which I saw while working and hardly thought of after. Mike had mentioned having us work production. After being reminded I went backstage and talked to Mike, and he said he’d seen me out there but to go ahead and spend the service with Amanda, then I could direct at te 10:30 service. I went to talk to him after the 8:30 service and he told me to not worry about it. It was kind of nice, because Amanda would have had to come pick me up later.

After church we ate at the Atlanta Bread Company over at Mayfaire then went to Lowe’s to pick up a door and to Wal-Mart for some groceries and such. We ended up getting a bookcase at Lowe’s in addition to a sliding door for the top of the steps. Once we got back to the house Amanda got to work on putting together the bookcase and I installed the door. I think it’ll do for now at least. Since Renee Sikes has moved in, and since Amanda’s brother, Michael Mercer, will be moving in in a few weeks, we decided we needed at least something for the top of the stairs, since that opens up to our bedroom.

A little while later we went to go visit Chris and Dave Mowbray and their new little baby, Dylan. Amanda and I had only been to the house once, and that was around Christmas, but we were able to get to it easily enough. Dylan is a beautiful little girl. She’s got a head full of dark hair and very expressive eyes. I held her for a while, then Amanda held her, then I held her again until she let out a very loud, wet-sounding noise. I have the distinct honor of having been the person who held her the first time she made a poo that actually smelled.

Chris’s parents, the Schochs, were also there. I’ve always liked them. Chris Mowbray, Schoch at the time, was a friend of mine in high school. Until recently, she was Amanda’s boss. When she goes back to work she’s only going part-time.

We thought about going to see a movie after that, but Amanda wasn’t up to it. It’s bugging me that I haven’t seen Superman Returns yet, and I need to see it in the theatre. We also want to go see M. Night Shyamalan’s latest, Lady in the Water. We do plan on going to see Will Farrell’s new movie, Talladega Nights, on Friday with Ben and Jessica Lambeth.

Amanda and I stopped by Lowes Food on the way home and picked up a salad. I didn’t feel like having it, so she and Renee ate some of it. Amanda and I played Scrabble a little later. It was a very close game, and if I hadn’t scored an extra 50 points in a Scrabble Bingo early on, I wouldn’t have won. But I did. Early on I got both blank Scrabble tiles and decided to hold onto them until I could use up all the letters. My word was CHANGED, which I attached going down the side of another word, making me able to use each letter. Amanda and I both ended up with a ten point tile that we couldn’t get rid of; the Z for her, the Q for me.

We were flipping around the tv and saw that Wargames was coming on. For some reason we decided to watch it. I miss Dabney Coleman. I haven’t seen him in anything in forever. I really liked him in Cloak & Dagger. Amanda went to bed before it was over, but I stayed up and watched it. Delightful movie, Wargames. Where else do you get to watch Mattew Broderick nearly set off World War III and make out with Ally Sheedy at the same time. Michael Madsen was in it too.

Zach Dotsey