I actually went to bed relatively early last night, at about 12:30, and got up this morning at about 8:30.  I think that’s the most sleep I’ve allowed myself in a long, long time.

Work is going well I think.  The boss, Scott Hendrix, is happy, I’m less stressed than I was, and our new production manager, Tim Henrich, seems to be getting a pretty good grasp on things.  I really hope the position works out for him long term.

Bruce was very playful this morning.  Amanda later told me that when she was leaving for work, he appeared at the top of the steps with Brown Sonic, his favorite toy, and he wanted her to throw it for him.  I usually let him outside to pee around 10:00 or so, and when I went down to do that today he jumped down and growled at me then ran to get Brown Sonic.  I had to play with him for a few minutes.

This week really seems to have gone by fast.

Amanda was going to pick up some boneless wings from Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner.  See, the reason we usually do the Tuesday night Buffalo Wild Wings dinner is because Amanda likes chicken wings, and they have them for something like twenty-five cents or something on Tuesdays.  I’m not so partial to regular wings, so I used to always get the boneless wings, which are not on special on Tuesdays.  They are on Thursdays though, so Amanda thought she’d pick some up.  I called to place a pick up order, but they were out.  Apparently Buffalo Wild Wing’s boneless wings supplier was out of stock.  We ended up having chicken and pasta with green beans instead.

After dinner Amanda and I went looking at laptops for her brother, Michael Mercer.  He’s going to be starting at UNC-Wilmington soon and needs one for school.  Wow, what a change.  I mean, nobody took laptops to class when I was in college.  That seems like such a paradigm shift.  Anyway, we went to Circuit City and Best Buy to get a head start on looking at them since this weekend is tax free weekend and I’m helping Karen Mercer, my mother-in-law, pick one out for Michael.  We saw a couple at Circuit City that fit the bill, and there was one in particular at Best Buy that would have been great and was only $400 (after instant rebates)!  $400 for a quality laptop!  Unfortuantely it was entirely sold out, not only here, but everywhere in North Carolina.  I had one of the guys check stock.

I guess one good thing that came from my working at Best Buy was knowledge about how it all works, not that it did any good this time around.  I mentioned that I used to work at the one on Capitol Blvd. in Raleigh and he said he used to go to that one all the time and that he remembered when it opened.  I helped open that store.  Bastards.  I still retain a little bitterness, but it has gotten better over the past two years.

After that we got back and watched a little tv.  Renee was watching a show on one of the Discovery Channels about Marseilles, France, which is where she’ll be heading off to in a few weeks.  A little while later, Amanda noticed, E! was going to be showing some Will Farrell Saturday Night Live episodes, I guess because his movie, Talledega Nights, is coming out tomorrow.  We watched Best of Will Farrell 2 and an episode he hosted from last year.  It had a Will Farrell Celebrity Jeopardy and the performance with Queens of the Stone Age where he comes out in the middle of it dressed up like he was in the Christopher Walken Cowbell sketch and, you guessed it, playing the cowbell.  The first time we saw that I didn’t notice that the audience had much reaction to him coming out like that, although I thought it was awesome.  This time around I noticed that here was a pretty decent reaction, but that the music audio levels were drowning them out.

On the Best of Will Farrell 2 there was a sketch I’d never seen before where Will Farrell showed up at a meeting wearing a short shirt and some “short shorts” which were actually more of a thong.  Maybe he had made a thong out of the short shorts, and he was supposed to have been wearing them as shorts, I don’t know, but his ass crack was hanging all out and nobody in the sketch could keep a straight face.  There was another one where he was a doctor and had misplaced a couple’s baby.  The writing on it was so random, but so Will Farrell that I wondered if he just ad-libbed most of it or if he wrote it.  Even he had a hard time not laughing in that one.

Zach Dotsey