This dream, while I really liked it, is almost embarassing due to the facts that not only am I ten years too old to be a college freshman, but my basketball playing ability is, well, extemely low.

I’m not sure what brought on this dream. It’s not basketball season and besdies the fact that Josh McRoberts recently had some back surgery that shouldn’t affect his playing at all, there hasn’t been any big Duke basketball news. I was wearing my Duke hat yesterday, so maybe that had something to do with it.
So, on to the dream. It’s a little hazy, but basically I was selected as a walk on. I impressed with my aggressiveness and the way I’d throw myself into getting a loose ball or do whatever I could to get a rebound, some of the things people like (or hate) about Greg Paulus (whom my wife, Amanda, had nicknamed Pick Pocket Pualus for some of the nice steals he pulls off now and then).
We, the team, traveled around to other schools before the start of basketball season and I became pretty good friends with Martynas Pocius. The other team member liked me just fine, but I was never part of the inner circle.

I remember at one point I was dribbling a basketball around campus (although in my dream, this part of the Duke campus looked suspiciously, that is, exactly, like the area at UNC-Greensboro behind the Atrium, out by the fountain). Paulus saw me there and we chatted a bit.

That was really about it. I got to play a few minutes in some games, and there was one part where, when we were at another school, Coach K asked a bunch of that school’s players if they’d like to play for Duke, then chastized the players who said they would for not having enough pride in their own school.

Zach Dotsey