So, what’s more important than the latest developments in the Middle East today? What’s grabbing more headlines than Israel’s slow withdrawl from Lebanon, the trickling in of UN troops and Hezbollah’s “Maybe we’ll disarm and leave, maybe we won’t” attitude?

Someone was detained and confessed to the murder of JonBebet Ramsey, who was killed 10 years ago and would have been getting her driver’s license this year.

John Mark Karr was nabbed in Thailand and was already being questioned about some sex offense there. (A sex offense in Thailand? Shocking!)

So is this vindication for JonBenet’s parents? Well, her mom died a couple months ago from cancer. You have to give it up for those parents- staying together through a trauma of finding your six-year-old beauty queen daughter dead on Christmas then being suspected by everyone in the media has to cause a lot of stress on a marriage. Anyway, vindication. I don’t know. Maybe it does, maybe it doesn’t. One thing is that there are apparently a number of holes in John Mark Karr’s story. (Why are killers so often known with their middle name included? Does the third name make them more sinister?) His ex-wife said he was with her that Christmas in 1996 and he said he had picked up JonBenet from school, although it was during a school vacation.

I dunno, I guess we’ll see.

My most vivid memory associated with JonBenet Ramsey was when me and my friends Jason Revill and Matt Troy were watching TV in North Spencer dorm at UNCG one time, and we saw a commercial for Alien Autopsy or something that showed a small, skinny alien corpse, and Matt Troy blurted out, “Oh my God, JonBenet!” Or something to that effect. Matt Troy. I haven’t talked to that kid in forever.