Work today was the kind of work that didn’t seem busy when you look at it, but when you look back and the day is over and you feel like you have so much more to do, you realize how busy it actually was.  I worked a bit late tonight.

Tonight was pretty much just a TV night.  We watched The Class at 8:00, which didn’t really do anything for me.  I’m predicting that one to not go for too long.  Then we watched How I Met Your Mother.  It was good, but Neil Patrick (Doogie Howser) Harris’s Barney was actually kind of cruel tonight.  He kept stealing girls from Marshall, which was funny the first time but each time after that it just got meaner.

My sister Andra called after that and put her son, Jackson Sawyer, on the phone a bunch.  He’s saying anything she tells him to now.  He was saying (or trying to say) Uncle Zach and Aunt Amanda.  One time Andra over-emphasized the Z in Zach: Zzzzzzach!  And he did it!  It was so cute!  He also said I love you, bye bye, and named a bunch of body parts Andra kept asking him the location of.

While all that was going on we had paused the new TV show Heroes, which, comic book geek that I am, I’ve been looking forward to.  I wasn’t disappointed by it.  After that Amanda went to bed and I watched Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.  I liked episode two just like I liked episode one.  I think that’s going to be a very good show.

I’m now 0-3 in fantasy football.  Week one I could have won, week two I should have won, week three I lost by one stupid freakin’ point.  One point!  One of my best point-getters, Frank Gore, got injured yesterday, and another one, Plaxico Burress, was sitting out.  One damn point!

Zach Dotsey