I was in meetings all day long today.  Well, most of the day.  My first one was at 11:00 then I had another one after lunch at Amanda’s uncle Barry’s office.  Instead of going back home for just a little while in between I went out to Bear Rock Cafe to have lunch.  I called Amanda just after I got there and she said she was just about to leave her office for lunch, so I ordered her some food and we got to eat together again.

Back when we lived over in Sunset Park we ate together pretty often.  It was easy to do since she worked about a mile away.  Doesn’t happen as often these days.

After my meeting at Barry’s I stopped by the place I had the first meeting to help them with an e-mail issue.  I got back home just a little bit before 5:00.  Michael hadn’t even noticed I was gone all day.
For dinner Michael was going to go out with his friend Kari and her boyfriend, I think Chris is his name.  Amanda and I tagged alone to El Cerro Grande, because neither one of us felt like picking up Buffalo Wild Wings tonight.  We got to the restaurant around 8:00 and found out that a bunch of other people were meeting up there.  There were going to be eight total and it was going to be about a half an hour wait.  Since Amanda and I were hungry we skipped out and just picked up some Chick-Fil-A on the way home.

We watched a bit of TV when we got back.  Kari brought Michael home (we’d driven him there and she offered to bring him back if we left).  While he was having his goodnight talk with his girlfriend, Sarah, I talked with Kari.  I showed her some old pictures of Bruce and the like.  Man, he was such a little puppy.  So cute with the one floppy ear!

After I watched Boston Legal I played Michael in a game of computer Risk.  We played against two computers but Michael had an early advantage.  At one point I decided I needed to bust up his North-South America bonus so I atacked him from Africa and did a pretty good job, but between one of the computer opponents and Michael trading in some cards for a big bonus, he ended up wiping me out one turn after I wiped out the other computer player, so he got a crapload of cards to cash in.  On his last turn he got over 120 armies.  It was sick.

Zach Dotsey