I didn’t have any meetings today, which I thought was great.  Well, I didn’t have any client meetings anyway.  Scott Hendrix, my boss, asked me to meet him up at The Connection Internet Cafe to go over how to do a few things.  Our production manager, Tim Henrich, and Otis Johnson, who has helped us with sales, were both meeting up there too, so we all got to talking.  We’re going to have a sort of informal meeting tomorrow morning to just throw out ideas and such.

The person I hired for the data entry job already finished the first part of the project and I just saw in my inbox that she finished the second part, which I’ll take a look at in the morning.  She’s quick.  I’ll have to find more stuff for her to do.

Work went pretty smoothly today, not as stressful as the last few days.  It seems over the last few weeks the first half of the week has been stressful while Thursday and Friday wind down just a little.

I dropped Cobb off at Banfield Animal Hospital today.  He was going in to get a follow up for his urinary tract infection and ear infection.  I picked him up around 3:00 and they said the urinary tract infection is all better, but that we should keep feeding him the UTI food.  They said the ear is better too, and to just give him drops once every other day as opposed to twice each day.

Jackson Wiley Sawyer on Halloween as a LionI talked to Andra for a few minutes today.  I saw this picture she’d put of Jackson on Halloween as a lion on her MySpace account.   I asked what he was doing in that picture and she said she had squatted down to take a picture at his level and he copied her.   You can’t make it out much at this size, but the kid’s got a bunch of chocolate smeared around his mouth.  He’s so cute.  I know this because Andra said it about nine times in the time I was talking to her.  She is right though.

Amanda had a bit of a rough day with work again, and she’s feeling rundown and tired too.

For small group tonight we all met at Kenan Auditorium on the UNCW campus to see Shawn McDonald, a musician.  I forgot the name of the girl opening for him, but I liked her and I liked him as well.  On slower songs his vocals made me think of David Gray.  Ben and Jessica Lambeth left at 9:00, but we talked with the rest of the group for a few minutes afterwards.  I really enjoyed the show, and it was being recorded as well.

When we got home Amanda and I watched the South Park I had to record last night after Amanda messed up the paused episode we were watching at the time.  The episode has a great take on evolution, which has us all being the offspring of retarded monkeys who had butt sex with a frog-squirrel.

Zach Dotsey