I was up quite late last night working on a design for the website idea. I was inspired.
I took Cobb to the vet this morning. Spent a lot of the work day on one issue. Had a vrey productive (I feel) conference call for about an hour and a half with an existing newsletter client and a possible new client. Overall work was busier than I expected it to be today. I was really trying to get things done around 5:00, but I ended up working until about 6:00. One client even mentioned around a quarter ’til five that I sounded a little stressed. He’s a cool client, so I told him what all was on tap for the weekend and what I all I was trying to do this evening.

Amanda picked up Cobb after work. He was supposed to be ready by 4:00 but Amanda was there until after 7:00 (she got there at about 5:30). There was an emergency surgery today that pushed everything back.

While she was waiting around Banfield in PetSmart I went out to Home Depot to pick up some wood flooring glue. Actually, I wasn’t thinking while I was driving and headed to Lowe’s. I remembered when I Was just about there that I’d forgotten a coupon for $10 off, then I remembered the coupon was good for Home Depot, so I turned around, went back home to get the coupon and went to Home Depot to get the flooring glue. I also got some knee pads.

Back home, Amanda and I ate sandwiches and watched The Office from last night before we moved everything (except the TV and its stand) out of the living room and ripped up all the carpet and padding (except what was under the TV stand). Then I pulled out tack boards while Amanda lamented not having anything helpful to do.

Karen and Phil Mercer, Amanda’s parents (my in-laws, if you’re not keeping score) got here with their Jack Russell, Paddy, as I was pulling up nails and boards in the hallway. Amanda and Karen chatted while Phil and I pulled things off or out of the concrete floor, drank a beer, moved the TV and the TV stand then scraped paint and various other junk off the concrete floor. Then we swept and I vacuumed.

Towards the end of that my brother-in-law, Michael Mercer, got home from a show he’d been to downtown with his friend Matt and a girl whom I’m assuming was Matt’s girlfriend. We laid out a few planks to see how much color variation there was. I’m excited about what it’s going to look like when we’re finished. I really don’t think it’ll take too long, either. According to Phil, he’ll be gluing and laying down the bamboo flooring while Amanda’s grandfather, Earl Lemons, who is coming tomorrow, cuts whatever pieces need to be cut. I’m not entirely sure what I’ll be doing aside from maybe carrying wood back and forth. Not sure what Michael will be doing either. Maybe he’ll pass wood to me and I’ll pass it to Phil.

I do know Michael was a little upset when he realized he wouldn’t be able to get to his room for eight hours.

Zach Dotsey