Great church service this morning, the music was really exceptional.  I kept thinking it was more like going to a show or a performance than going to a church service.  Really great, and the directing by Mike Paschal was really good too.  There was a live video feed on the screens at the front of the stage for all the musical performances.  The production team really did a great job.

Anna, Barry and Hannah Frazelle came too.  Hannah sat with friends.  Kirsten watched Wicker Man last night and was too scared to couldn’t sleep and had a headache this morning.  Hannah was skeptical about the headache.

After church at PC3, we met the Frazelles at Manhattan Bagel, the one by Wrightsville Beach.  Actually, we weren’t entirely sure if they were going to show up.  When Hannah met back up with us after the service she asked if we were going there to eat with them, while Amanda and Anna told each other they’d see each other this evening.  We showed up at Manhattan Bagel, but the Frazelles didn’t show up until we’d already gotten our food.  Since they know every third person in Wilmington and half this town seems to go to Port City Community Church, it took them some time to get out of there.

After breakfast we went by Lowe’s Food to pick up a few items then went to the house to drop those up, pick up Bruce and pick up the gifts and the recycling.  After a quick stop back by Lowe’s Food (directly on the way anyway) to drop off the recycling, we headed on to Richlands to Amanda’s parents’ house.

Football while A & K in J-ville
Lemons house
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