The past few weeks have been pretty busy with work, and today was no exception. I’m so so glad we’ve got Tim Henrich around now. I don’t know what I’d do if I still had all the responsibilities I had before. So if you see this, Tim, thanks.

We had a little TV conundrum tonight, and it’s one we’re going to have at least two more times this basketball season. The Duke-Wake Forest game was on from 7:00 to 9:00, and I had to watch it to see if they kept up the offense they had in their last game against Miami. On top of that, Thursday night is NBC comedy night (My Name is Earl, The Office, Scrubs and 30 Rock), but it’s also WB night with Smallville and Supernatural. We also would generally record CSI. So that was four shows to watch in overlapping timeslots. We ended up not recording CSI (we’ve already missed a few) and recording the Duke game on Michael’s DVR.

The reason we were recording so much tonight of course is that we have small group on Thursdays. Rob Peterson and Kristen Barriner tend to come straight from the gym and bring their dinner, so I was able to watch down to about twelve minutes of the game while they ate. They actually had to leave at 8:30 and we were able to get everything done in time for them to do that. Elliot Clark and Melissa (dangit, now I can’t remember her last night) stuck around. When small group was over the game was at about the twelve minutes mark (odd) so we just watched the rest of that in Michael’s room. From what I’ve read neither team could get into a good offensive rhythm, but Duke ended up winning by 22 points. In fact, Duke held Wake Forest to 40 points, which is the least allowed points for Duke since sometime in the 1950’s. So while the offense wasn’t completely popping, the defense was kicking.

Something to note about the offense- Paulus was 50% in three-pointers and lead the team in scoring. Glad to see he’s getting his confidence back. McRoberts had the next most points and played some really good D. Several other guys on the team all scored nine points, so it’s great to see everyone getting some good results like that.

Duke’s next game is at NC State on Saturday, which I plan to watch before heading out to the reunion.

After the game, Michael, Amanda and I watched The Office, featuring the return of Dwight (who wasn’t gone for an episode or anything) and Oscar (who has been gone since last season, excepting a small cameo). Amanda and I watched Scrubs after that. which was a musical episode. I thought it was absolutely brilliant. Amanda went to bed after that and I watched 30 Rock then played some Oblivion.

Zach Dotsey