We woke up early enough this morning to have a nice sit-down breakfast. Adam and Renee got back from their jaunt to and fro across North Carolina around 9:00, just as everything was ready. We all ate with my parents then packed up the Jetta and headed out of Rougemont.

Adam Dotsey, my brother, and Renee Sikes, his girlfriend, if you don’t recall, rode from Wilmington to Rougemont with us on Friday, borrowed my parents’ truck and a trailer to get some furniture from our grandfather’s house in Durham then dropped that off at their new apartment in Wilmington then drove to Renee’s parents’ house to pick up some more furniture in Charlotte, then back to Wilmington again to drop it off, then back to Rougemont to drop off the truck and catch a ride back to Wilmington with me and Amanda. Hell of a weekend.

We left Rougemont at right around 9:30 as planned and made it in time for the 12:30 service at Port City Community Church. After that Amanda and I did a little running around, came home, dropped the Jetta at the Volkswagen place to get a knick in the window patched tomorrow, then stopped by the grocery store. We were beat, so we vegged out in front of the TV, watching SNL featuring Jake Gyllenhaal and a couple episodes of Supernatural.
While we were out we picked up a webcam thing for the Xbox, which Michael said he wanted us to get. In the course of conversation, (he got back not long after we finished our errands) we learned that he didn’t get the main game he wanted to get the webcam for, so he didn’t want it. We let him know we got it and I guess we need to take it back and get him something else now.

He had picked up College Hoops 2007 for the Xbox 360, I guess with birthday money. The bad thing about the college games is that they don’t come programmed with players’ names. This one had every possible first and last name of any college player we’ve been able to find so far, including players from UNCW, but you had to assign the names to the players. It’s kind of a pain, but I helped Michael with that then played him some. I always end up getting very frustrated with sports games.

Zach Dotsey